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About Wayne Christian

2003 saw the start of my academic career teaching multimedia in BA Graphic Design and later with the majority of my work specialising in, and delivering Interactive Design across two colleges, the School of Design and in the School of Computer Science. In parallel I am also a professional practitioner, directing a multidisciplinary design agency specialising in brand and interactive communications with 7 employees (, and more recently a collaborative Interactive design agency ( The academic environment and business environment work in synergy, feeding each other in terms of research, both technical and theoretical. Working within both areas has enabled me to introduce professional/industry working practices balanced with the need to deliver intellectual rigour within the academic arena whilst contributing to the creative thinking and research based learning into my studio’s working practices. My subject areas include - Mixed reality environments predominantly with Microsoft Hololens. - Key development roles in mobile technology, web Apps, HTML5 and Responsive design. - 3d virtual learning platforms, gamification and human interaction. - User-centred design approach - Understanding technologies and the contexts of their use - Appropriation of future and emergent technologies into everyday lives and cultures. The Interactive design industry is still its infancy regarding professional work and its teaching. With fast developing technologies, open source ethics and a shift for holistic designers, there is an increasing void with a pressing need for new teaching resources, materials and innovative ways in delivering those materials. Where science, technology, design and art have all been well documented with ideas on the correct pedagogy, teaching a subject that combines them all leaves many pitfalls and opportunities for innovative work and teaching.

Department Responsibilities

As well as co-running BA Interactive Design, supervising dissertation for BSc/MComp and group projects for Computer Science, I am a module coordinator for: 1. Digital Practice (ID) 2. Advanced Digital Practice (ID) 3. Interactive Design 3 (ID) 4. Ubiquitous Computing (SC) 5. Web authoring (CS,GC) 6. Cross Platform Development (CS, SC) 7. MSc Interaction Design (CS) All modules draw upon my external professional working practices and personal research, of which I have now been delivering for 13 years.

Subject Specialism

Graphic Design, Cross-Platform Development, User Interface Design, User Experience Design and Ubiquitous computing

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