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About Tanja Kleinhappel

I am a postdoctoral research fellow on a NC3Rs funded project with the focus on using social interactions within groups of fish as indicators and predictors for improving welfare through automated analysis of behaviours.

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ECR Committee Member

Subject Specialism

Behavioural ecology


  • PhD in Behavioural Ecology — University of Lincoln, 2015
  • MSc in Behaviour, Cognition and Neurobiology — University of Vienna, 2012
  • BSc in Behaviour — University of Graz, 2009

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Research Projects

  • Automated predictive welfare assessment in groups of fish — NC3Rs in 2016

Research in the Lincoln Repository

Professional Affiliations

  • ASAB, The Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour
  • ISBE, The International Society for Behavioural Ecology
  • Ethologische Gesellschaft e. V.
  • BES, British Ecological Society