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About Stephen Turner

Stephen Turner is a Senior Lecturer in the Law School. He specialises in the areas of international environmental law, global environmental governance, climate change law and corporate law. He has written two books that relate to rights-based approaches to global environmental governance. He leads the Global Environmental Governance Research Initiative which is partnered with the Division of Environmental Law and Conventions at UNEP which has the purpose of developing models and solutions in the field of global environmental governance to assist states, business and industry to achieve ‘environmental sustainability’. Stephen also currently leads an international collaborative project involving academics from around the globe analysing the development of standards in environmental rights. This project will result in a book due to be published in 2018 by Cambridge University Press. He took up his position at Lincoln University in 2014.  He began working in academia in 2010 and has also held academic positions at Winchester and Kingston Universities. He speaks regularly on issues related to global environmental governance. Stephen wrote his PhD thesis on the relationship between human rights and the environment. His thesis approached the subject from the perspective of business and industry by considering the responsibilities of corporations, multilateral development banks and the WTO as well as states. The thesis included a case study of the Camisea Natural Gas extraction Project in the Peruvian Amazon and therefore included analysis of the consultation processes carried out by the consortium of companies and the ultimate impacts that the project caused for indigenous groups of the area. In 2007 Stephen represented opponents to the installation of a mobile telephone mast in a local church in the Consistory Court (2006) and the Court of Arches (2007) ( Party Opponent v Chingford St. Peter and St. Paul [2007] 1 Fam 67, Court of Arches). Between 2001 and 2003 Stephen undertook a part-time LLM in environmental law at London University (SOAS). He became a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 1995 and that year coordinated a research project related to the indigenous rights of the Sami people of northern Scandinavia. During the 1990s, Stephen worked in the field of criminal defence litigation and subsequently co-founded IPSA, a business partnership which provided legal advice on behalf of firms of solicitors. Between 1989-91 Stephen worked as a contracts executive at British Aerospace (Commercial Aircraft) Ltd. He was involved in the administration of the return of lease aircraft and the administrative preparation of aircraft prior to the completion of lease and sales contracts. Stephen is interested in approaches for supervision from prospective PhD students in aspects of global environmental governance and international environmental law.

Department Responsibilities

Stephen teaches on both the undergraduate and postgraduate law programmes. He also takes responsiblity for leading on ‘research impact’.

Subject Specialism

Stephen specialises in international environmental law, global environmental governance, climate change law and corporate law.


  • PhD — London University (Queen Mary), 2007
  • LLM — London University (SOAS), 2002
  • LLB (Hons) — University of Glamorgan, 1987


  • Researcher of the Year — Kingston University (Law School),
  • Full PhD Scholarship — London University (Queen Mary),

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Research Interests

  • Global Environmental Governance

  • Corporate Responsibility

  • Corporate Law

  • International Environmental Law

Research Projects

  • Standards in Environmental Rights International Symposium (Lincoln) — Funded by Wilkin Chapman LLP in 2016
  • Argentina - Environmental Rights (Buenos Aires) — Funded by Santander plc in 2015
  • Global Environmental Governance Modelling -  (UK / Kenya) — Funded by Lincoln University (College of Social Science) in 2015
  • Climate Change Governance Conference (London) — Funded by Schroders plc in 2012

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