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About Robert Goemans

Rob Goemans is a registered social worker and works as a senior lecturer at the University of Lincoln. Prior to this role, he worked in London, and then in Lincolnshire, in Crisis Resolution Teams, Early Intervention in Psychosis Services, and Community Mental Health Teams. Most recently he worked for Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust as Professional Social Work Lead. Rob was an elected member of The College of Social Work’s mental health faculty, and is now part of the mental health Policy Practice and Education Group for the British Association of Social Workers. He is also a social work and AMHP course reviewer for the Health and Care Professions Council, and still practises as an AMHP. He also has 4 children and plays in a band. “I take a psycho-social view of ‘mental illness’ in which people’s difficulties have their origin in things that have happened to them and the things going on around them. Mental Health services would be more effective if they focused on helping people to understand their thoughts and feelings, and to build up their protective factors (such as housing, employment, education, social networks) rather than focusing on diagnosis and medication which can potentially undermine these things. Services should not view ‘mental disorder’ as an illness or as an internal deficiency within a service user, but instead use a structural approach, strongly influenced by values such as human rights and social justice, to promote the service user’s ability to understand and resolve the problems which have led them into mental health services.”

Subject Specialism

mental health, gender, adult social care law, values, history of madness


  • HEA Associate Fellowship
  • Practice Educator Professional Standards stage 2
  • BSc (hons) Horticultural Business Management
  • BA (hons) Psychology
  • MSc Applied Social Work
  • Diploma in Social Work
  • Post Qualifying Award in Social Work
  • Mental Health Social Work Award

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Research Interests

  • AMHP practice

  • History of Madness

  • social construction of gender

  • Values

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  • Eleanor Glanville Centre
  • MH2aSC

Research Projects

  • Lincoln Lunatic Asylum Project — in