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About Pilar Pousada Solino

Pilar Pousada Solino is a Research Environment Manager in Research and Enterprise

Department Responsibilities

I lead the development of our institutionally rich research environment facilitating, coordinating and driving research activities and embedding culture across the University. I direct the support of REF and Impact at institutional level and have oversight for the support of the forthcoming Institute for Advanced Studies and the new Doctoral School. Researcher training and development and research data analysis are also functions delivered by my team. Some of my responsibilities are: - Development of a suite of Impact and REF related programmes of work; - Development, implementation and delivery of approaches to increase the quantity of research across the University; - Delivery of action plans for the new Doctoral School and the new Institute for Advanced Studies; - Implementation of a strategy for the responsible use of metrics to inform the development of our research environment; - Implementation of key policies and procedures that support the governance of research.