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Nick Tucker is a reader in the School of Engineering, where he specialises in materials and manufacturing. He has particular research interests in electrospun fibre production and practical applications for electrospun fibres. He was previously a research leader at the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research, and Faraday Research Fellow at the Warwick Manufacturing Group. His industrial experience includes line management in fire-retardant foam manufacture, and production of high-added value ceramics. He also worked as a process technologist manufacturing ceramic cores for investment casting.    His research portfolio includes the development of electro-spinning plant ( and materials (, and a number of projects with industrial partners on topics including using nanofibres to control viscosity, and the improvement of the mechanical properties of composites.

Department Responsibilities

Senior Tutor Module leader in: Materials and Methods of Manufacture (EGR1004M) Industrial Engineering (EGR2011m) Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Systems (EGR3026M) Sub-head of the manufacturing, processing & materials research group Chair of the university general ethics subcommittee

Subject Specialism

Materials and manufacturing


  • Warwick Teaching Certificate (post graduate certificate in post-compulsory education) — University of Warwick, 1999
  • PhD in mechanical and manufacturing systems engineering — University of Bradford, 1994
  • MSc in Computer Aided Engineering — The Staffordshire Polytechnic, 1990
  • PgD in Computer Aided Engineering — North Staffordshire Polytechnic, 1988
  • BEng (Hons) Mineral Process Engineering — CNAA - Camborne School of Mines, 1986


Nick is a peer and professional review approved assessor for the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining He is an external PhD examiner at the the University of Exeter, the University of Leeds, and Queen Mary College London.

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Research Interests

  • composites manufacture

  • Electrospinning

  • Manufacturing with polymers

Research Groups Memberships

  • Manufacturing, processing & materials research group

Research Projects

  • Developing a spray applicable mulch mat — awarded £45000 by Bioresource Processing Alliance (NZ) in 2013
  • Novel biodegradable water resistant packaging materials — awarded £1050000 by Waste Minimisation Fund (NZ) in 2012
  • Electrospun fibres for surface active materials — awarded £1150000 by Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (Tuapapa Rangahau Putaiao) (NZ) in 2010
  • New paradigms in smarter pest control — awarded £2433171 by Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (Tuapapa Rangahau Putaiao) (NZ) in 2010
  • ‘Fibre Tech’ - inventing the device marketed as the Seta brand functionalised collagen nanofibre filter media — awarded £150000 by Technology for Business Growth (NZ) in 2008
  • DRIVENet: Network for the design for dismantling, reuse & recycling in road vehicles — awarded £62493 by EPSRC in 2007
  • SusCompNet - the Sustainable Composites Network — awarded £31159 by EPSRC in 2005
  • Opportunities in Sustainable Materials Research for UK:Japanese Academics and Automotive Industries — awarded £19958 by EPSRC in 2005
  • NOVCOMPS- Novel Low Environmental Impact Polymer Matrix Composites — awarded £71887 by EPSRC in 2004
  • UK Polymer Recycling Network — awarded £61633 by EPSRC in 2003

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