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About Martin Greenall

Martin obtained his PhD in statistical mechanics from the Mathematics Department at Imperial College London.  He then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the universities of Edinburgh and Leeds and at the Research Centre in Jülich before moving to the CNRS in Strasbourg on a personal EU Marie Curie fellowship.  In 2013, he took up a position as a lecturer at Aberystwyth University, before joining the new department of Mathematics and Physics at Lincoln in 2015. His research centres on the theory and simulation of polymers, and he has also published on glass formation, liquids at interfaces and Brownian motion. He has lectured a range of courses in mathematics and physics, including operational research, probability, dynamics, complex analysis, calculus and statistical mechanics.

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Senior tutor for mathematics Mathematics admissions Employability coordinator

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  • Institute of Mathematics and its Applications — Member
  • Institute of Physics — Member