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About Keivan Ahmadi

I am a Senior Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy, College of Science. I am a pharmacist with a master degree in Clinical Pharmacy and holds a PhD. My doctoral work aimed at developing measurement tools to measure the changes in HIV/AIDS-related stigmatizing attitudes of healthcare students as they became more professionalized. Thus, health equality, marginalized population access to health and public health are of great interest to me. I have served in academia for more than a decade. I have spent most of my academic adventures in Malaysia - food paradise of Southeast Asia. I have a keen interest in understanding/evaluating the ever changing landscape of ‘Pharmacy Education’ and in a broader term ‘Health Education’. I see the future of healthcare through the wide angled lenses of values-based education & interprofessional learning. I am currently looking for PhD students - self-financed - who are interested to work on: 1- Different aspects of electronic cigarettes such as vaping behavior, chemical profiling of electronic cigarettes, safety profile and design of electronic cigarettes, harm reduction aspects of electronic cigarettes, etc. 2- Clinical aspects as well as public health/social aspects of pharmacists role - and other healthcare professionals - in provision of care; addressing issues such as antimicrobial resistance, diabetes and polypharmacy. 3- Quantitative approaches toward measuring professional development and attitude change among healthcare professionals.

Department Responsibilities

Interprofessional education (IPE) Lead (School of Pharmacy) Year 2 Academic Lead Co-Lead Lincoln School of Pharmacy Ethics & Governance Committee

Subject Specialism

Health Education; Interprofessional Education; HIV/AIDS Stigma; Public Health; Scale Development


  • Lincoln Postgraduate Research (PGR) supervisor development programme — University of Lincoln, 2016
  • PhD — Monash University, 2015
  • MClin Pharm — 2007
  • B.Pharm — 2005

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Research Interests

  • Health education & Interprofessional Education

  • Clinical Research

  • Public Health

  • Scale (Survey Tools) Development Techniques

Research Projects

  • 3 Year International Scholarship (The Royal Thai Government & the University of Lincoln — awarded £97960 by The Office of the Civil Service Commission (OCSC), Thailand in 2018
  • 3 Year International Scholarship — awarded £80120 by Isra University, Jordan in 2018
  • Diabetes: the Sweet and the Sour — awarded £1000 by Public Engagement for All with Research at Lincoln (PEARL) in 2018
  • Interprofessional Education (IPE) and Professional Identity: Can Students’ Reflective Writings Measure Professional Development? — awarded £750 by Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute (LHERI) in 2017

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