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About James Greenhalgh

I am a Senior Lecturer in History in the School of History and Heritage. I specialise in the social and cultural history of twentieth century Britain, with a particular focus on urban and gender history.  I have three specific areas of interest: 1) Urban modernism and the redevelopment of cities either side of the Second World War, particularly the development of policies designed to shape the built environment, both new and extant. 2) Theoretical approaches to space, place and everyday life, particularly as they pertain to state policies designed to condition and shape the usage and experience of certain spaces. 3)  Gender and space in life writing, in particular children’s writing and the manner in which ideas and discourses concerned with notions like gendered roles, civic duty or parental responsibility were (and are) encoded in written sources. I have a particular interest in children’s experience of cities under aerial bombardment. My first book ‘Reconstructing Modernity’ is available from Manchester University Press and deals with urban renewal, everyday life and reconstruction in mid-twentieth-century British cities. I also work on the International Bomber Command Centre digital archive team, where I have been principally responsible for providing training from the oral history volunteers that are collecting the memories of RAF crew and their families. I am now beaning the research for a project on children’s experience of war and bombing. In 2014 I used the essays written by children from Hull and Birmingham as part of the 1942 British Bombing Survey to write an article entitled ‘Till We Hear the Last All Clear’ (Gender & History, 2014) and am now using the files of over 2000 of the same essays held in the Zuckerman Archive at the University of East Anglia to write a book on the same subject. The essays entitled ‘What Happened to me and What I did in the Air Raids’ provide a window into a fascinating world of childhood experience. I completed my undergraduate studies in politics at the University of Manchester before switching to History for my MA. After 5 years working in the steel industry for Corus/TATA , I returned to Manchester in 2010 to complete my doctoral studies on the development of British cities in the post-war, where I taught for four years and was employed as a research assistant . I was awarded my PhD in the summer of 2014 and moved to Lincoln in the same year. In terms of teaching I am responsible for the modern survey course at level one and maintain an interest in all aspects of modern Europe from the eighteenth century onward. I also teach the survey historiography course ‘New Directions’ at level two, another module on the cultural history of modern war, as well as ‘Accessing Ordinary Lives’ which deals with methods of enquiry in modern history. At level three I teach my own urban history module ‘The City and the Citizen’ in which we explore the ways the development of the city over the last 200 years has produced new social and cultural forms.

Department Responsibilities

Programme Leader: Cert HE History Senior Tutor Learning Gain Coordinator Student Engagement Lead Module Coordinator for: Forging of the Modern State, 1750- 2000 (1st year modern survey course); Fighting for Peace (2nd year Cultural History of War course); Accessing Ordinary Lives (2nd Year socio-cultural history course); The City and the Citizen (3rd year urban history course) Themes in Contemporary British History (Masters Level)

Subject Specialism

Urban and Gender Histories in Twentieth Century Britain; war and rebuilding, children’s experience, social housing & urban modernism


  • PhD in History — University of Manchester, 2014
  • MA in History — University of Manchester, 2004
  • B.Soc.Sc (Hons) Politics — University of Manchester, 2002


  • Carnevalli Research Grant — Economic History Society,
  • College of Arts Research Grant — University of Lincoln,
  • Scouloudi Historical Award for Publication (for ‘Reconstructing Modernity’) — Institute for Historical Research,
  • College of Arts Research Grant — University of Lincoln,
  • College of Arts Research Grant — University of Lincoln,


Historical Consultant for Kudos Productions/BBC on drama ‘From there to Here’, 2014.

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Research Projects

  • International Bomber Command Centre (Main Project) — awarded £3000000 by Heritage Lottery Fund in 2016
  • International Bomber Command Centre Project (Initial phase) — awarded £300000 by Heritage Lottery Fund in 2015

Research in the Lincoln Repository

Degree Responsibilities

  • Programme Leader - Certificate in Higher Education (History) — 2015 to Present
  • Senior Tutor - History & Heritage Dept — 2017 to Present
  • Third Year Tutor - BA History — 2017 to 2018
  • Learning Gain Co-ordinator - History & Heritage Dept — 2016 to 2018

Module Responsibilities

  • Module Co-ordinator - Forging the Modern State (1st Year) — 2016 to Present
  • Module Co-ordinator - Accessing Ordinary Lives (2nd Year) — 2015 to Present
  • Module Co-ordinator - The City and the Citizen (3rd Year) — 2015 to Present
  • Module Co-ordinator - MA Themes in Contemporary British History — 2014 to Present
  • Module Co-ordinator - New Directions in History (2nd Year) — 2015 to 2018
  • Module Co-ordinator - Career Planning and Independent Study (2nd year) — 2014 to 2016

Professional Affiliations