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About Jeremy Goffin

Over the past 20 years Jeremy has evolved his graphic design practice along side technological advancement, new platforms of delivery and user centered design communication. He has now joined the team as a full time Lecture BA Graphic Design. This creative path has now led him towards the digital native elements of graphic design. However both personal /research projects utilise the mix media cut & paste work ethic, and has now developed into multi-collaborative projects focusing on new platforms and real time digital generative graphic design. Recent projects include the co-coordinator of the LightWorks festival of Contemporary Electronic Graphic Design, in which has progressed over the past 3 years into multi centre collaborations. The LightWorks festival has won Institution and University research awards for the promotion and encouragement of contemporary art & culture within deprived areas. Jeremy works within the extreme sports industry mainly in the board riding and music genres. Campaigns, exhibitions, publications, short films and broadcast motion graphics include O’Neill, Carhartt, Surfers Against Sewage, Carve, Lodown, SNPR and The Doggerland Chronicles to name just a few. Building upon past success, Jeremy is working on compiling the past 10 years of projects into a number of small traveling exhibitions touring the locations involved within the scene.

Department Responsibilities

Writing, preparation and delivery of teaching schemes, including the planning of individual teaching sessions in collaboration with colleagues.  Departmental administrative duties include student assessments, tutorials and attendance in teaching planning meetings. Special responsibility for monitoring of departmental spending. In 2015 Jeremy became the Digital Lead for the College of Arts The role is part of the University’s commitment to digital engagement and improving our technological capability.

Subject Specialism

Visual Communication for print, screen, static and motion based graphic design.


  • MA — University of Lincoln, 2008
  • CertED — University of Huddersfield, 2005


I am a member and contributor to the Plymouth Sustainability and Surfing Research Group, which explores humanity’s interaction with the environment through the lens of a wave.   As a regional Surfers Against Sewage Rep (East Coast), I’m dedicated to help empower ‘you’ to make a difference! I aim to infuse my surf culture research focus skills to expand the network of undergraduate surfers and look towards solving a number of pressing issues. Out of the educational world, Jeremy works under the title of ArmchairHero. AH’s work evolves, encompasses and now manifests within PRINT AND SCREEN, STATIC AND FILM BASED PROJECTS. Lets see just where this takes me…

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Research Interests

  • Art

  • Art and Design Education

  • Colour Theory

  • Creativity

  • Cultural Theory

  • Culture

  • Design

  • Design education

  • Design Theory

  • Digital Arts

  • Digital Culture

  • Education

  • Graphic Design

  • Interaction Design

  • creative happenings

  • visual research

  • deconstruction of surfing

  • dissemination of stoke

  • aesthetic interpretations

  • balletic inhabitation

  • watery landscape

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