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About James Flint

James Flint is a Lecturer in College of Science. During his PhD, James researched both protein secretion systems and protein-carbohydrate interactions through genetic, biochemical, biophysical and structural biology techniques. His research into the way in which proteins and carbohydrates are managed within biological systems lead him to an interest in the exploitation of this in biotechnology. James now acts as Programme Leader for MSc Microbial Biotechnology and Industrial Liaison Officer for the School of Life Sciences.

Department Responsibilities

Programme Leader for MSc Microbial Biotechnology Module Leader for Introduction to Biotechnology (BGY9002M) Module Leader for Molecular Biotechnology (BGY9003M) Module Leader for Molecular Microbiology (MBI9006M) Module Leader for Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology (BGY9006M) Module Leader for Current Topics in Biotechnology (BGY9011M) Module Leader for Biotechnology (BIO3103M)

Subject Specialism

Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry


  • PhD — University of Newcastle, 2004
  • MSc Applied Molecular Microbiology — University of Nottingham, 2000
  • BSc Genetics and Microbiology — University of Sheffield, 1995

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