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University of Lincoln
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About Jonathan Cooper

Research in Animal Behaviour and Welfare specialising in decision making and welfare of farm, companion, laboratory and zoo animals. Recent major projects include Feline Friends sponsored project on roaming behaviour and containment of domestic cats. DEFRA funded projects on use, efficacy and welfare consequences of training pet dogs with electronic collars. (See Youtube link RSPCA funding to investigate spatial requirements of pet rabbits, with view to informing RSPCA recomendations on housing. EFFEM/Waltham Foundation for Pet Nutrition project on macro-nutrient selection in horses. Noble Farms supported projects in range use by free-range hens. Currently supervising 5 PhD students Rachael King. Behavioural development in kittens, supported by Wood Green Animal Shelters. Joanne Cruden.  Environmental enrichment for laboratory rabbits, supported by GSK. Gabriel Freiria. bTB transmission. Leonard Chielo. Ranging behaviour of free range hens, supported by Nobel Farms. Naima Kasbaoui. Roaming behaviour of domestic cats, supported by Feline Friends. Recent Publications. Chielo L., Pike T. and Cooper JJ. (2016). Ranging behaviour of commercial free-range laying hens. Animals 2016, 6(5), 28; doi:10.3390/ani6050028 Cooper JJ, Cracknell N, Hardiman J, Wright H, Mills D (2014) The Welfare Consequences and Efficacy of Training Pet Dogs with Remote Electronic Training Collars in Comparison to Reward Based Training. PLoS ONE 9(9): e102722. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0102722 Redgate, S. E., Cooper, J. J., Hall, S., Eady, P. and Harris, P. A. (2014) Dietary experience modifies horses’ feeding behavior and selection patterns of three macronutrient rich diets. Journal of Animal Science, 92 (4). pp. 1524-1530. ISSN: 1525-3163 Clark, T., Cooper, J. and Mills D. (2013) Acculturation - Perceptions of breed differences in the behavior of the dog (Canis familiaris). Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, 1, 16-33. Lines, J. A. , Van Driel, K. and Cooper, J. J. (2013) Characteristics of electronic training collars for dogs. Veterinary Record, 172 (9). pp. 243-244. ISSN: 0042-4900

Department Responsibilities

Chair of College of Science College Research Degrees Board . Graduate Committee overseeing training and experience of post-graduate students. Graduate School Working Group reviewing post-graduate research regulations and admissions policies. Academic mentor for undergraduate students studying BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare

Subject Specialism

Animal Behaviour and Welfare


  • Professor in Animal Behaviour and Welfare — University of Lincoln, 2010
  • Ph.D. – Causes and effects of stereotypic behaviour in laboratory rodents — University of Bristol School of Veterinary Science, 1992
  • B.A./M.A – Pure and Applied Biology, — University of Oxford, 1988


  • Travelling Fellowship to study duck housing and welfare. — Winston Churchill Memorial Trust,
  • Regional Innovation Fellowship to study stable design and equine welfare — HEFCE,
  • Faculty Teacher Fellow — University of Lincoln,
  • Expedition Leader — Oxford University Cave Club,
  • Chairperson — Oxford University Cave Club,
  • Captain of Ploughing — Oxford University Plough Team,


Advisor to RSPCA/Freedom Foods on farm animal welfare Advisor to RSPCA on rabbit housing Consultant with ADAS on EU Welfare research funding

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Research Interests

  • Animal behaviour and welfare

  • Decision making and motivation

Research Projects

  • Cat containment systems — awarded £180000 by Feline Friends in 2012
  • AW1402a. The welfare of dogs undergoing training — awarded £70000 by DEFRA in 2009
  • AW1402. The use and welfare consequences of training pet dogs with remote static electronic collars — awarded £469000 by DEFRA in 2007
  • Spatial Requirements of pet rabbits — awarded £60000 by RSPCA, UFAW and Waltham Foundation in 2007
  • Macro-nutrient Selection in the Horse — awarded £80000 by EFFEM/Waltham Foundation in 2004
  • AW0226. Spatial requirements of laying hens in enriched cages — awarded £150000 by DEFRA in 2001

Research in the Lincoln Repository

Professional Affiliations

  • I am a member of Oxford University Cave Club and British Cave Research Association — Member
  • I am a member of Assocation for the Study of Animal Behaviour — Member
  • I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy — Fellow