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About Hollie Morgan

Hollie is constantly seeking to learn more about the ways in which medieval people thought about the everyday objects and spaces around them, and how ideas associated with these objects and spaces affected and were affected by cultural production, social practice and conceptual thought. Her doctoral research, conducted at the University of York, was on the cultural meanings of beds and chambers in late-medieval England. Coming from a literary background, Hollie’s first love is medieval literature but she has a strong interest in medieval codicology and palaeography, having previously worked on two manuscript projects: The Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060-1220 (Leicester) and Mapping Medieval Paper in England (Cambridge). Hollie is currently a research fellow on the AHRC-funded Imprint project, looking at fingerprints and palm prints on medieval wax seals.

Subject Specialism

Medieval wax seals, codicology, medieval understanding of everyday spaces and objects, late-medieval literature


  • PhD Medieval Studies — University of York, 2015
  • MA English Literary Research — University of Leicester, 2011
  • BA English (EU) — University of Leicester, 2009


  • Doctoral Fellowship — University of York Humanities Research Centre,
  • PhD Studentship — AHRC,

Professional Affiliations

  • Manuscripts Lab — Collaborator
  • Quadrivium — Co-curator
  • University of York Centre for Medieval Studies — Research Associate