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About Ferenc Igali

Ferenc Igali is the Senior Psychology Technician in College of Social Science. I have worked for a number of departments within the University, including the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre, the Lincoln School of Performing and Fine Art, the Student Ambassadors, as a Research Assistant and as a writer for Bullet Magazine. I also worked as a volunteer on several projects, including the first iteration of the Student Buddy system, the Frequency Festival, have created media for both departments (as a short commercial/advert) and students (campaign videos, and other assorted media) as well as media for visiting companies or for student productions that have gone to places such as Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival. I have created 3d models/scenes/flyovers for different productions. I work and consult a number of exterior projects, and participate internally across a range of research within the Psychology Department. I consult on external projects by offering advice and guidance in a range of technical implementations and designs of software as well as helping build a bridge between end users and software designers. I have extensive experience in many ranges of media, and worked on a plethora of different consultancy projects - ranging from animation design to experimental software written in Python to sporting goods websites - running the gamut on anything ‘technical’. I also have limited experience in subjects such as designing with Unity, for the Oculus Rift, building eyetrackers, and engage with a number of open source projects. I also second shoot in my spare time for weddings and other events - both video and photography. I also score music within my limited knowledge for montages, remixes and for the event videography that I do. I have consulted on a number of student theatre productions, local filming and external company events (such as helping design a projection map for 3d projecting). I have also helped build a number of custom computer and equipment builds, ranging from research to high end gaming/computing rigs. I am a full stack developer - comfortable in both the LAMP and the newer MEAN stack, experienced in everything from relational database design and a range of back-end languages such as PHP, MySQL, and other aspects of development such as using object modelling like Mongoose. I am confident with front end technical aspects such as HTML, CSS and JS (and having used the MEAN stack, I am a regular user of Node.js as well). I am currently working as the Chief Software Architect/CTO for an emerging medical healthcare start-up so have a lot of experience in working in VR and AR environments.

Department Responsibilities

Managing and delivering technical support for the School of Psychology and supporting my technicians in their development and completion of their PhDs/PGR-T studies. First aider, fire marshall and health and safety duties. Deputy Health and Safety Co-ordinator for the School. Construction and design of experimental equipment and software. Guidance on staff and student projects. FoH support for drop in sessions for students.

Subject Specialism

Software Development and Implementation, Fabrication and Design of Experimental Equipment


  • BSc (Hons) Psychology with Forensic Psychology — University of Lincoln, 2014


Consult for and create external software in a range of languages and scales - mostly focusing on architecture and system design. Media consultant - video and audio for productions. Senior stage and AV technician - and live sound engineer/mixer. Senior webmaster for external websites. Chief software architect for a holographic medical startup.

Research Interests

  • Holographic HCI

  • AR/VR

Professional Affiliations

  • ATSiP (Association of Technical Staff in Psychology) — Webmaster - Committee Member
  • British Psychological Society — Graduate Member