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About Catia Correia Caeiro

Catia Correia Caeiro is currently working on a multidisciplinary research project in order to obtain her PhD degree. Based in the School of Psychology and actively collaborating with the School of Life Sciences, Catia is looking at how humans and dogs perceive emotions when interacting with each other by using novel and non-invasive techniques. Before starting her PhD, Catia was a Research Assistant for four years in the Department of Psychology of the University of Portsmouth, UK, where she worked in several projects investigating cognitive abilities in different species (primates and domestic animals), applying a comparative and evolutionary perspective. Catia is also a trained coder in human FACS (Facial Action Coding System), ChimpFACS (for chimpanzees), GibbonFACS (for the Hylobatidae group) and EquiFACS (for domestic horses) and co-authored the development of the OrangFACS (for orangutans), DogFACS (for domestic dogs) and CatFACS (for domestic cats).

Department Responsibilities

- Informal co-supervision of MSc students in Psychology and in Life Sciences Schools. - Research Internship Elective module co-supervisor. - Managing Animal Behaviour module tutor. - Member of the School of Psychology Athena Swan Working Group. - Student Representative in the University of Lincoln Recruitment Panels.

Subject Specialism

Animal cognition, communication, facial expressions,


  • MSc in Ecology and Environmental Management - Animal Behaviour and Welfare — University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences, Lisbon, Portugal, 2008
  • BSc in Environmental Biology - Terrestrial variant — University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences, Lisbon, Portugal, 2007


  • Real World Eye-tracking Course Bursary — Royal Holloway University of London, UK,
  • Leonardo da Vinci European Mobility Program Grant — European Union,

Research Interests

  • Animal Cognition

  • Animal Communication

  • domestic animals

  • Facial Expressions

  • Human-Animal Interaction

  • Primates

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