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About Zahid Asghar

I joined the Lincoln School of Health & Social Care in September 2011. My background is in mathematical biology of infectious disease modeling and medical statistics. My research aims to improve understanding of the epidemiological factors and population processes shaping infectious or chronic disease spread in humans. A key practical focus is the analysis and optimisation of intervention strategies aimed at reducing mortality and morbidity through mathematical and statistical modeling aiding policy making in the context of public health. Currently I am working on a case control study and a self-controlled case series study to investigate the potential for influenza and/or pneumococcal vaccination to prevent against stroke and transient ischemic attack (IPVASTIA). The study is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research for Patient Benefit programme and the study team led by Prof Niro Siriwardena (Lincoln) include Dr Carol Coupland (Nottingham University) and Stella Gwini (Monash University, Australia). Previously I have worked as an infectious disease modeller at Imperial College, London (over five years), Medical Statistician at Nottingham University for chronic liver disease and as a mathematical modeller, data analyst and statistician jointly at the University of Manchester and University of Liverpool, forecasting coronary heart disease and mortality projections for the UK. I have extensive experience in data management and computer programming. I developed algorithmic code to aid policy and advocacy as well as calculated the prevalence of disease burden such as HIV in different country settings.

Department Responsibilities

I supervise PhD, MSc and BSc students, and provide statistical guidance to members of our department. I also organise and run the group methodology meetings.

Subject Specialism

Mathematical modeller and Medical Statistician


  • BSc(Hons) Theoretical Physics ( Queen Mary UoL 1992)
  • MSc Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces (Imperial College London 1994)
  • PhD Quantum Spin Structures (Loughborough 2001)

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