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About Edward Owens

Room AAD3W21 I am a lecturer in modern history. I am currently completing a monograph that examines the relationship between the British monarchy, mass media, and public in the period 1932 to 1955. I am interested in how innovations in media technologies helped to create a more informal and intimate style of royalty which was designed to appeal to popular sensibilities. I also focus on the nature of celebrity culture to explore how media audiences have forged emotional bonds with public figures and the implications these relationships had on conceptions of citizenship and national identity.

Department Responsibilities

I am the IT liaison for the School of History and Heritage and I will be overseeing editorial of the School’s new blog for the 2017-18 academic year.

Subject Specialism

Mass media, monarchy, political culture, empire, emotion, twentieth-century Britain


  • PhD in History — University of Manchester, 2015
  • MA Modern British History — University of Manchester, 2011
  • BA (Hons) History — University of Manchester, 2010


  • HEA Associate Fellow — Higher Education Academy,


I have worked as a historical consultant for BBC and local radio, written articles for the BBC history magazine and other popular magazines, and given interviews to local television.