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University of Lincoln
Brayford Pool
United Kingdom

About Daniel Mills

I am a RCVS, European and ASAB recognised specialist in clinical animal behaviour, as such I have been developing and exploring new interventions for behaviour problems, such as: The use of semiochemicals to control the emotional reaction of animals (pheromonatherapy) The use of mirrors to control stereotypic weaving in horses I also have a strong research interest in the comparative psychology underpinning these conditions and other behaviours. I am particularly interested in what makes an individual different and how this arises from their interaction with the environment. This links both my applied and fundamental research, for example by examining how we and non-human animals recognise and respond to the emotional state of another More recently I have hadopportunities to scientifically explore my interests in the potential value of our relationships with animals. My research in this area focuses on the benefits from pet keeping using a multidisciplinary approach, for example collaborations with biologists, health care professionals, psychologists, lawyers and economists. Recent projects include: An examination of the effect of a pet dog on families with an autistic child The economic significance of pet dogs to the UK The position of the cat in UK legislations Matching of dogs with potential adopters

Department Responsibilities

Programme leader for the MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour Behaviour Clinic Director Head of research strategy in the School of Life Sciences

Subject Specialism

veterinary behaviour


  • FSB — 2009
  • FHEA — 2009
  • Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist — 2007
  • Dip ECAWBM — 2005
  • RCVS recognised specialist in veterinary behavioural medicine — 2004
  • PhD — 2003
  • BVSc — 1990

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Research Interests

  • Animal Cognition

  • animal welfare

  • clinical animal behaviour

  • individual differences

  • Veterinary Behaviour

  • psychopharmacy

  • life skills

  • temperament

  • human animal interactions

  • companion animals

  • dog behaviour

  • cat behavioiur

  • horse behaviour

  • perception

  • emotion

  • animal emotion

Research Groups Memberships

Research Projects

  • The influence of dog ownership on objective measures of free-living activity and sedentary behaviour in community-dwelling older adults — awarded £28850 by ISAZ Waltham in 2013
  • Using the assessment and management of biologically based of impulsivity and core affect to optimise potential selection, development, training and performance — awarded £119299 by DSTL in 2013
  • Towards the Smart Kennel: a requirements elicitation study for a smart environment to support good canine welfare in kennels — awarded £14700 by Dogs Trust in 2013
  • Measures of Food Preference in Domestic Cats — awarded £74601 by Mars Petcare in 2012
  • The impact of adopter flexibility on the success of shelter dog placements — awarded £10732 by Dogs Trust in 2012

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