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About Duncan French

Professor Duncan French is Head of the Lincoln Law School and University PGT Dean, He is a leading academic on international environmental law and the international legal implications of sustainable development. He has written extensively in these areas, as well as writing generally on both broader questions of public international law (eg. treaty interpretation), international economic and investment law and the interaction between international law and European Union law. He has secondary research interests in international law of the sea and Antarctica. As a key figure in the global debate on sustainable development, he has been co-rapporteur of the International Law Association Committee on the International Law on Sustainable Development for ten years (2002-2012). He was also Chairman of the ILA Study Group on International Law and Due Diligence (2012-2016). In his capacity as a senior research fellow of the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law, Professor French spoke to diplomats at the UN Headquarters (New York) in April 2012 on the role of international tribunals in resolving complex environmental and socio-economic disputes. In 2017, he was on a UN technical experts committee considering environmental crime. He also an interest in the relationship between EU and international (environmental) law, and has written on such matters as the Mox Plant dispute between Ireland and the UK concerning potential radioactive harm in the Irish Sea (and its EU dimensions), EU/Caribbean investment relations and the seminal decision of Kadi, in which the Court of Justice clearly demarcated the legal jurisdiction of the EU in the review of UN terrorist listing. A recent work (Global Justice and Sustainable Development (D. French (ed) Martinus Nijhoff (2010)) was nominated for the prestigious International Studies Association 2012 Harold and Margaret Sprout Environmental Studies Book prize. Professor French was Professor of International Law at the University of Sheffield from 2009 until 2012, prior to taking up his new post as the Head of Lincoln Law School in February 2012.

Department Responsibilities

Head of Lincoln Law School & Professor of International Law University PGT Dean He attends: : College of Social Science Management Team (Hos) : Academic Board (HoS) : LALT Board (PGT Dean) : Education and Student Life Committee (PGT Dean) : Standing Regulation Oversight Group (College Representative) : Special Admissions Panel (Senior Academic) : Academic Offences Committee (HoS) : Race Equality Steering group (College Representative)

Subject Specialism

public international law, international environmental law, international legal implications of sustainable development, international economic law


  • LLB (East Anglia)
  • LLM (Nottingham)
  • PhD (Wales, Cardiff)

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Professional Affiliations

  • Member of European Society International Law Expert Group on International Courts and Tribunals
  • Chair of International Law Association Working Group on International Law and Due Diligence
  • Member of International Law Association Committee on Legal Principles relating to Climate Change