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About Charles Deeming

I studied for my PhD at the University of Reading followed by a postdoctoral Research position studying the effects of temperature of sex and development of Alligator mississippiensis at the University of Manchester. Thereafter, I worked in a bird zoo, for a commercial incubator manufacturer and on an ostrich farm. Prior to joining the University of Lincoln I was a self-employed consultant to the poultry industry. I joined the University of Lincoln as a casual hours lecturer and gained a permanent position in 2007.

Department Responsibilities

Programme Leader for Zoology Chairman of Learning, Teaching and Assessment committee Member of External Examiners’ committee

Subject Specialism

Avian and Reptilian Reproduction


  • PhD. The physiological basis of egg turning in birds. University of Reading — University of Reading, 1990
  • BSc. (Hons) Applied Biology, with specialisation in Animal Physiology and Ecology, University of Bat — University of Bath, 1984


  • 2002 - Winner of the Ignobel Prize for Biology

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Research Interests

  • Avian incubation

  • Evolution of reproduction in amniotes

  • Factors affecting diversity of invertebrates

  • Nest function in birds - thermal and biomechanical properties

  • Population monitoring of newts

  • Reptilian incubation

Research Groups Memberships

Research Projects

  • Development and growth of domestic duck legs — awarded £5000 by Emma Atkinson started working towards her MSc by Research in October 2016 in
  • Thermal dynamics of bird nests in situ — In conjunction with Tom Pike in
  • Breeding ecology of the song birds of Treswell Wood Nature Reserve — In conjunction with Chris du Feu and the Treswell Wood Ringers Group in
  • Effect of temperature and diet on reproduction in Callosobruchus maculatus — Rachel Farrow completed an MSc by research in conjunction with Paul Eady in 2016 in
  • Effects of temperature on sperm morphology in Callosobruchus maculatus — Ram Vasudeva completed his PhD in March 2014 - project in conjunction with Paul Eady in
  • Breeding ecology of Blue Tits and Great Tits - how do sympatric species separate spatially? — Part of long-term breeding study at Riseholme Park in
  • Population dynamics of newt populations — Mark Edwards was awarded his MSc by research in April 2015 in
  • Effects of phylogeny on pelvis morphology in birds — Matt Anten-Houston was awarded his MSc by research in 2015 in
  • Evolution of diversity of stereospondyl amphibians — Samantha Penrice started her PhD studies with Marcello Ruta and me in September 2013 in
  • Evolution of reproduction in extinct amniotes. — In conjuction with Dr Dave Unwin (University of Leicester) and other colleagues in
  • The functional properties of bird nests - an investigation into the thermal and biomechanical properties of various types of nests. — Lucia Biddle is working towards her PhD in nest biology in
  • Study of the ecological factors affecting wing shape idragonflies — Robert Schwar started his MSc by Research in October 2016, in
  • Effects of hedgerow maturity on invertebrate abundance and diversity — Sophie Bennett was awarded her PhD 2015 in
  • Nest function in warblers — Amy Dickinson started working towards her MSc by Research in October 2016 in
  • Population monitoring of common bream in the River Witham, Lincolnshire — Chris Gardener completed his PhD in February 2014 in

Research in the Lincoln Repository

Professional Affiliations

  • Member of Society for Biology
  • Member of the BTO
  • Member of the Mammal Society
  • Editor-in-Chief of Avian Biology Research