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About Colin Butter

Colin Butter is a Reader in Bioveterinary Science in the College of Science

Department Responsibilities

Colin is Leader for the BSc Bioveterinary Science Programme.

Subject Specialism

Avian and Comparative Immunology


  • PhD in Neuroimmunology — The University of London (Hunterian Institute),
  • BSc in Zoology — The University of Liverpool,

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Research Interests

  • Avian Immunology

  • Genetc Resistance

  • Host-pathogen Interactions

  • Vaccinology

Research Projects

  • US Partnering Award — BBSRC in 2014
  • China Partnering Award — BBSRC in 2010
  • Correlation of immunogenicity with microarray analysis of vector mutants to improve live recombinant poxvirus vaccines in poultry — BBSRC in 2010
  • Virus transmission dynamics and the immune response of birds to avian influenza — BBSRC in 2008
  • Viral & host immunomodulators in improved Fowlpox virus recombinant vector vaccines for use in poultry against highly pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 — BBSRC in 2008
  • Influence of viral proteins of avian influenza virus on the innate immune response of birds — EU Framework 6 in 2007

Research in the Lincoln Repository