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About Iain Gould

Iain Gould is a soil scientist in the Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology (LIAT), I am interested in how land management and vegetation composition can impact on soil function. Current projects focus on the impact of coastal flooding to agricultural soils in Lincolnshire, long term effects of brackish/saline irrigation to crops and soils, and the influence of different plant roots on soil structure. I also work on soil applications for other LIAT projects with agri-robotics and remote sensing, My PhD was in plant-soil interactions at Lancaster University, where I looked into the impact of plant biodiversity, and associated root traits, on soil physical properties such as aggregation, strength and hydrological properties. Prior to joining the LIAT team at Lincoln, I had several years experience working in industry as a soil science consultant. This involved work such as soil surveying, topsoil testing and reporting, soil management planning, drainage tests and failed planting investigations in a range of environments - from forests, deserts and farmland, to urban areas like parks, back gardens and sports pitches.

Subject Specialism

Soil Science


  • PhD in Soil Science — Lancaster University, 2014
  • MSc in Ecology and Environment — Lancaster University, 2010
  • BSc in Environmental Science — Lancaster University, 2009

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Research Interests

  • agro-ecosystems

  • biodiversity

  • flooding

  • roots

  • salinity

  • soil

Research Projects

  • SALFAR - Saline Farming: Innovative agricuture to protect the environment and stimulate economic growth — awarded £2500000 by Interreg - European Regional Development Fund in 2017
  • Investigating the state of agricultural drainage in Lincolnshire — Environment Agency in 2017
  • Agri-robotic soil assessments to inform precision agriculture — awarded £25000 by in 2017
  • The economic and physical impact of coastal flooding on agriculture — University of Lincoln Research Investment Fund in 2016

Research in the Lincoln Repository

Professional Affiliations

  • British Society of Soil Science — Full Member (M. I. Soil Sci.)


Campaign for the Farmed Environment - Soil Health, Soil Structure and Plant-Soil Interactions talks/demonstrations Lincolnshire Young Farmers - Soil Assessment Training