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About Andrew Elliott

A graduate of Durham and Exeter, my research specialism is in the ways in which modern media (film, television & video games) re-use history. I’ve published on a range of topics within this area, including on the Epic Film, the peplum, medieval film, Arthurian legends and video games which use historical settings. My recent work has been on political uses of medievalism in the media. I am able to supervise a range of topics within my research field, and I particularly welcome enquiries from potential postgraduates interested in pursuing research in these fields at both MA and PhD level.

Department Responsibilities

Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies. Convenor: FTV3017M Heroes and Villains in Film Teaches on: MED1015M Mediation and Representation MED2028M Research Methods and Methodologies Lectures: FTV2021/2 Analysing Film and Television as Industries I ⅈ MED2037M Representing Difference HST9019 The Once and Future King (for the MA in Medieval Studies)

Subject Specialism

epic film, historical film, history in popular culture, medieval film, medievalism, King Arthur, video games, semiotics


  • BA (Hons) in Modern European Languages — University of Durham,
  • MRes in European Cultures — University of Exeter,
  • PhD in Interdisciplinary Research (Film and History) — University of Exeter,

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Research Projects

  • 1215 Today — awarded £395000 by Arts Council England in 2015
  • Crowd-Curating History: using technology to engage community history — awarded £47000 by RIF funding in 2014

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