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About Timothy Gordon

Tim Gordon is a Head of School of Engineering in College of Science. He joined Lincoln in 2014 having spent ten years at the University of Michigan (UM) as Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering, and heading the Engineering Research Division at UM’s Transportation Research Institute. He was formally Ford Professor at Loughborough University and has worked extensively with the automotive industry. His research is based around vehicle dynamics and control, using automation for safe guidance and collision avoidance in road vehicles. His recent research is on driver modelling, safety system evaluation and the control of vehicle dynamics right up to the limits of road surface friction. During 2006-2012, he was Chair of the ‘Automated Highway Systems’ standing committee at the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington DC.  He has 150 refereed papers published, mostly in the area of automotive control and active safety systems for road vehicles. In May 2016 he presented the Royal Academy of Engineering Invited Lecture: ‘Self-driving cars – a safe bet?’ at the University of Nottingham.

Subject Specialism

Vehicle Control Systems, Vehicle Dynamics, Active Safety, Collision Avoidance, Autonomous Systems including Self-driving cars


  • PhD — University of Cambridge, 1983


  • Kenneth M. Reese Outstanding Research Scientist Award — University of Michigan,

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Research Interests

  • Active Safety of Highway Vehicles

  • Vehicle Autonomous Systems

  • Vehicle Control

  • Vehicle Dynamics

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