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About Matthew Simmonds

Dr Matthew Simmonds is a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science in College of Science whose research involves investigating genetic predictors of long-term pancreas transplant function in people with type 1 diabetes. During my PhD and early postdoctoral career at the University of Birmingham, UK, my work focused on investigating the genetic contribution to common autoimmune disease, using autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD) as a model. This provided unparalleled opportunities to learn about the genes involved in the autoimmune disease process, mechanisms behind these associations and understand how genetically similar AITD is to other autoimmune diseases, such as type 1 diabetes (T1D). To create my own unique independent research identity, I was keen to utilise the skills I gained in immunity and autoimmunity and transfer these into investigating genetic predictors of transplant function. I initially collaborated with several groups in the UK to look at genetic predictors of long-term kidney transplant function. In 2010, I moved to University of Oxford to establish from scratch my own research area investigating genetic predictors of long-term pancreas transplant function in people with type 1 diabetes.  My group has been the first to identify several genetic variants within the genomes of both donors and transplant recipients which impact upon long-term pancreas graft function.  I have also produced several conference presentations and senior author publications within this new area. I have now moved to the University of Lincoln to continue to enhance and expand this unique research area looking at genetic predictors of pancreas transplant function and will also be taking an active role in the excellent biosciences teaching that occurs at Lincoln. Research Career 2016-             Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science, College of Science, University of Lincoln, UK 2015-2016    University Research Lecturer & Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (DRWF) Non-Clinical Fellow, OCDEM, University of Oxford, UK 2012-2015     Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (DRWF) Non-Clinical Fellow,OCDEM, University of Oxford, UK 2011-2012     European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (EFSD)/Lilly Postdoctoral Research Fellow OCDEM, University of Oxford, UK 2010-2011 Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM), University of Oxford, UK 2005-2010 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism (CEDAM), University of Birmingham, UK 2001-2005 Ph.D. Student, Department of Medicine, University of Birmingham, UK

Department Responsibilities

Module Lead for Transfusion & Transplantation, BSc Biomedical Sciences Deputy Program Lead

Subject Specialism

Transplantation, Autoimmunity, Diabetes, Autoimmune Thyroid Disease & Genetics


  • HEA Fellow — Higher Education Academy, 2018
  • PhD in Genetics of Autoimmune Disease — University of Birmingham, 2004
  • BSc in Cell and Molecular Biology — University of Essex, 2001


  • School of Life Sciences Semester B 2018 Teaching Award — University of Lincoln ,
  • Award for Excellence — Univeristy of Oxford,
  • Innovators in Diabetes Course — Diabetes UK,

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Research Interests

  • Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

  • Autoimmunity

  • Diabetes

  • Genetics

  • Tranplantation

Research Projects

  • Genetic Markers of Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis Project Grant, Co-Applicant — Kidneys for Life fundraising for MINT in 2015
  • Role of type 1 diabetes (T1D) susceptibility genes in predicting long term pancreas transplant function in T1D patients: pilot study — Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation Grant in 2014
  • Identifying genetic predictors of graft function to enable pancreas transplantation to become a lifelong cure for type 1 diabetes — Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (DRWF) Non-Clinical Fellowship in 2012
  • Extending whole pancreas transplant function in type 1 diabetics — Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation (DRWF) Open Clinical Funding in 2012
  • Identifying genetic predictors of graft function in whole organ pancreas transplantation — European Foundation of the Study for Diabetes (EFSD)/Lilly Research Fellowship in 2011
  • Screening the HDLBP region for association with Graves’ disease — Summer studentship for undergraduate studentship: Society for Endocrinology in 2008
  • Sense about Science: Media Training Workshop — Society for Endocrinology in 2008
  • Identification of the Graves’ disease associated DNA variant located within FCRL5 — Small Grant for Scientific Research in Endocrinology: Society for Endocrinology in 2007

Research in the Lincoln Repository

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Member of the Society of Endocrinology Public Engagement Committee