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About Luca Mao

I am a fluvial geomorphologist, with expertise in processes related to sediment transport, channel changes due to floods, and human impacts on fluvial systems. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Padua (Italy) and completed a post-doctorate at the University of Hull. I moved from the Catholic University of Chile, where I worked for 6 years on topics related to the dynamics and recent changes of Andean rivers. I am broadly interested in fluvial geomorphology, and especially on sediment transport in rivers, river morphodynamics, eco-morphological interactions, and river management. I have joined the School of Geography in July 2018 as a Senior Lecturer.

Subject Specialism

River science; fluvial geomorphology; hydrology

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Research Interests

  • river science

  • hydrology

  • fluvial geomorphology

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