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About Jane Deville

I joined Lincoln International Business School in September 2014 as Project Coordinator for an Onlincolnshire programme funded through the ERDF and since then have worked on a variety of research projects both in the Business School and Health and Social Care. My research focuses on issues around the provision of services to businesses and communities, primarily in rural areas. This has included developing business-university collaborations with a focus on digital technology and conducting evaluations of community based NHS services. I am currently undertaking the role of the Business School’s Impact Officer assisting academics in creating and identifying non-academic impact from their research work. I previously worked as Principal Research Officer for the Economic Regeneration arm of Lincolnshire County Council where I managed and conducted research on a range of socio-economic issues. Prior to my involvement in economic development I completed a PhD and was a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge examining the impact of house design on House Dust Mite populations ( published as Jane Horwood). 


  • PhD (soil zoology) — University of Central Lancashire, 2000
  • Msc Environmental Science — University of Wolverhampton, 1996
  • BSc Zoology — University of Leeds, 1995


  • Winston Church Travelling Fellowship — Winston Churchill Memorial Trust,
  • PhD Bursary (Fully funded competitive award) — University of Central Lancashire and RSPB,
  • MSc Bursary (Full funded competitive award) — European Social Fund,

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Research Projects

  • Evaluation of a new Rehabilitation Medicine Community Outreach Service — awarded £9500 by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust in 2015
  • Evaluation of the Lincolnshire Carers & Young Carers Partnership (LCYCP) Older Carers Project — awarded £22340 by Lincolnshire County Council in 2015
  • Controlling House Dust Mites by Environmental Means — EPSRC in 2002

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