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About Piotr Chudzik

Piotr Chudzik is a Phd student at Lincoln University. Before joining Retinal Imaging Group at Lincoln he received a degree in Robotics&AI from Aberystwyth University and worked in a leading UK company providing technological solutions for travel industry worldwide. He worked as an Early Stage Researcher in two EU funded projects: PROTOTOUCH and REVAMMAD. Within PROTOTOUCH he worked with prof. Schmidhuber in one of the world leading deep learning labs in IDSIA Institute, Lugano, Switzerland. His work was centered around using recurrent networks for image analysis. Within REVAMMAD he worked with a machine learning company in Italy under Dr Luca Antiga on novel deep learning and cloud computing approaches. Currently he works with a leading tech company to bring the latest advances in deep learning to Oil and Gas Industry. As a Phd student, he works on novel deep learning approaches to detect and segment important retinal structures in fundus images. His interests include novel machine and deep learning approaches, cloud technologies and Big Data analysis.

Subject Specialism

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Bid Data, Cloud Computing.

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