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    Prof Tony Taylor

    Emeritus Professor of Food Science

    National Centre for Food Manufacturing
    College of Science

    About Tony Taylor

    Prior to semi-retirement in 2006, Professor Tony Taylor was a Senior Academic and Head of Food Research Centre. He has supervised more than 35 M.Phil /Ph.D projects to successful completion and published more than 45 papers in refereed journals. He is an active member of the Society of Chemical Industry for which he organized a series of conferences on Fish Processing, and was Chairman of SCI Food Commodities and Ingredients Group . As well as being an External examiner for B.Sc. and M.Sc.s in Food he has examined for research degrees at eight UK Universities. Both his B.Sc and Ph.D were in biochemistry, but when he moved to Grimsby in 1974, he applied this knowledge of biochemistry to food, and in particular to post-harvest fish research. Aspects of pure research included mechanism of blackspot development and Quality parameters, biochemical indices and nutritional quality changes in fish during processing and storage. Applied aspects include improved utilisation of waste and assessment and reduction of losses in cured fish processing. He has worked extensively in South East Asia, ( Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand,) as well as in Europe, USA, Kenya and China. He was awarded the Chair of Food Science in 1992, one of the first in what was then Humberside Polytechnic. Since retirment from full-time employment,he has continued to work on a part-time basis at the Holbeach Campus.

    Department Responsibilities

    As a semi-retired Emeritus Professor of Food Science, Prof.Tony Taylors responsibilities are limited to; -research supervision -co-ordination of the Final Year B.Sc. Independent Study ( Project ) module -teaching on some final year B.Sc modules.

    Subject Specialism

    Food Science


    • B.Sc Biochemistry
    • Ph.D. Biochemistry


    • Research and other awards from
    • ODA
    • British Council
    • EU- FAIR, INCO,Marie Curie, ERDF, RECRAFT
    • United Nations
    • Food Industries
    • Regional Development Agency
    • KTP

    Professional Affiliations

    • M.I.Biol.
    • C.I.Biol.
    • M.I.F.S.T.

    External Activities and Consultancy

    External examiner for research degrees ( eight UK Universities)
    External examiner for B.Sc. and M.Sc.s
    Conference organizer
    Member of SCI Food Group Commitee (Chairman,1999-2002), (Vice-chairman 1996-1999, 2010- date)
    Project evaluation ( EU , BBSRC )

    Research in the Lincoln Repository

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