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About Trevor Elvin

Trevor considers himself a maker of architecture and his skills have been recognized in a number of architectural awards. He has successfully translated his expertise into architectural education and research. With over a decade of experience in civic design and the creative industries, his research and publications investigate topics that range from fabrication to theory. His research interests manifest themselves as a combination of theory and investigation of a post structural nature. He is concerned with creating and exploiting the symbiotic relationship between practice, teaching and research. This research currently concerns itself with thematic issues surrounding autonomy within the urban spectacle, at the same time Trevor has also been teaching and researching on the idea that physical acts of making and material exploration and exploitation can become methods of thinking and uncovering meaning within architecture. This interest in making has over many years been developed as an education tool and forms the basis for all his inquiries. He has had publications and exhibitions exploring these issues which include a broad spectrum of physical production in architecture, from traditional craft to manufacture, advanced fabrication, and assembly.  Trevor Elvin is currently working on a series of collaborations designing a number of pavilions, including an Installation/Light Pavilion project. The work is collaboration between former student Scott Rapper, Artist Martin Griffiths and Trevor involving the design of a space exploring proportional, spatial and optical relationships between the human being and their environment. He is also working in collaboration with Rosie Elvin and the University of Lincoln, Estates Department on the development and implementation of academic architecture projects on campus. The proposal seeks the reengagement of previously overlooked spaces/sites within the university campus and will collectively constitute a ‘grafting on to’ and enchantment of the existing master plan. Projects aim to ‘fill in the gaps’ and suggest a dialogue of engagement and celebration between the user and the campus landscape. Trevor has been shortlisted for a Follies completion - Contemporary Art at Packwood [National trust] working in collaboration with Matthew Higginbottom from Queen and Crawford, a Birmingham based design and fabrication workshop The proposal, a narrative in the reconfiguration of existing detail within the house and the occupation of previously under used sites within the grounds. It aims to reinforce and extend the existing relationship between the interiority of the house and the exteriority of the surrounding landscape. He also continues to use studio environment as a research laboratory for ideas with an emphasis on accommodating and supporting the university’s student as producer agenda. This offers both the student and staff the opportunity to test and develop our own particular research and typically aims to be practice based where applicable, with staff actively promoting and engaging links and collaborations within industry through the use of live and current research based projects. Trevor has practiced in both Ireland and the UK including five years with the University of Lincoln’s in house architectural studio where his role involved the design, development and site-management of numerous new-build and refurbishment projects in the expansion of the university’s new campus. During this time he developed a considerable body of work, including a number of projects short listed for the RIBA Awards

Department Responsibilities

School Co-ordinator for PGT Architecture Programmes Elected academic on College of Arts Board of Studies Elected academic on College of Arts Academic Affairs Committee Probation Mentor for new staff

Subject Specialism

Architecture, Design, Making, Manufacture, Theory


  • Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute [Fellow]
  • Higher Education Academy [Associate Fellow]
  • Institute of Leadership and Management [ILM level three]
  • Bachelor of Architecture (yr 6) Hull School of Architecture, Hull
  • Bachelor of Architecture (yr 5) University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Architecture, Hull School of Architecture, Hull
  • Higher National Diploma in Building, North West Institute, Derry
  • National Diploma in Construction, North West Institute, Derry


  • Roof structure at Zurich International Airport — completion short listed
  • Leeds Royal Armoury Entrance design — RIBA - Completion short listed design
  • Contemporary Art at Packwood [follies] — National trust - completion short listed
  • UL Architects,  Gallery/studio space, Greestone — RIBA EM Awards - Short listed
  • UL Architects, Creative industries, Sparkhouse — RIBA EM Awards – short listed


City of Lincoln, Sincil Bank Renewal External Working Group City of Lincoln, Good Design Awards