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    Prof Simon Pearson

    Director of LIAT/Professor of Agri-Food Technology

    Lincoln Institute for Agri-Tech
    College of Science

    About Simon Pearson

    Simon Pearson is Professor of Agri-Food Technology

    Research interests include;
    A diverse range of agri technology applications including robotic systems, automation, energy control and management, food safety systems, novel crop development

    The environmental physiology of fresh produce and ornamental crops, including impacts on crop quality and development;
    The post harvest physiology of vegetables, fruits and cut flowers, including the use of modified atmosphere packaging;
    The effects of light manipulation on crop growth and development, including the development and application of greenhouse spectral filters and LED lighting systems;
    The development of on farm decision support systems from remote sensing information;
    The development of pre and post farm gate supply and demand forecasting systems;

    Department Responsibilities

    Director of the Lincoln Institute of Agri Food Technology (LIAT)

    Subject Specialism

    Agri Food Technology


    • PhD — The University of Reading, 1992

    Research Group Memberships

    • Agri-Food Technology

    Research Projects

    • Phase 2 Dynamic Energy Control Systems — Awarded £820,000 by Innovate UK in 2016
    • LED lighting systems in horticulture — Awarded £69,000 by AHDB Studentship in 2016
    • The Potential For Automation In The Soft Fruit Industry — Awarded £10,000 by Industry sponsor in 2016
    • Survivability of Campylobacter on chicken skin — Awarded £27,000 by Industry sponsor in 2015
    • Genetic And Environmental Interactions In Poinsettia Production And Shelf Life — Awarded £30,000 by AHDB in 2015
    • Development Of Novel Greenhouse Cladding Materials To Optimise Crop Growth And Quality — Awarded £160,000 by Innovate UK / BBSRC in 2015
    • 3D Vision-assisted Robotic Harvesting of Broccoli — Awarded £87,000 by Innovate UK / BBSRC in 2015
    • Feasibility of the Internet of Things for domestic refrigerators, food safety and waste — Awarded £25,000 by ITaaU in 2015
    • The development of a dynamic energy control systems for food retailing refrigeration systems — Awarded £15,924 by Innovate UK in 2015
    • Beta testing of a novel optical Nitrate sensor for use in hydroponic cultivation systems — Awarded £16,000 by Innovate UK / Sharp Laboratories of Europe in 2015

    Research in the Lincoln Repository

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