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About Ruth Gaunt

I received my PhD in Social Psychology from Tel-Aviv University in 1998. I then held a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard University (1998-1999) and at the University of Louvain, Belgium (1999-2001). I was appointed as a Lecturer in the Sociology Department at Bar-Ilan University, Israel (2001-2007) and was promoted to Senior Lecturer there in 2008. During that time, I was Director of the Graduate Programme in Social Psychology (2003-2009) and the Department Deputy Head (2009-2010). In 2010-2012 I was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship at the Department of Sociology, the University of Cambridge. I joined the University of Lincoln in 2012 as Reader in Psychology and was the Identity and Community Research Group Lead (2012-2017). Since 2013 I have also been the School Director of Research.

Department Responsibilities

School Director of Research REF Unit of Assessment Coordinator Chair, School Research Committee Member, College REF Working Group Member, College Research & Enterprise Committee

Subject Specialism

Social Psychology of Gender and Families


  • PhD Social Psychology — Tel Aviv University, 1998
  • BA Psychology & Art History — Tel Aviv University (Magna cum Laude), 1993


  • Excellence in Research Award — Dafna Izraeli Center for the Study of Women and Gender,
  • Distinguished Teaching Award — Bar-Ilan University Student Union,
  • Excellence in Research Award — Peleg-Bilig Center for the Study of Family Well-Being,
  • Outstanding Achievements in PhD Studies Award — Wolf Foundation,


PhD Students: 2016     Mariana Pinho. Stay-at-home fathers and breadwinning mothers: Social psychological               mechanisms underlying the division of family roles. 2014      Chen Riger. Identity salience as a determinant of parental involvement in childcare. 2013      Orit Malka. Parents by choice: Comparing paternal involvement in child care in                co-parenting relationships vs. divorced and married couples. Master by Research: 2012      Becher, I. The effect of grandmothers’ involvement on father involvement in childcare. 2011      Van-Raalte, E. Early socialization and involvement in childcare. 2010      Russo, D. Division of childcare among heterosexual vs. lesbian couples. 2010      Reizis, S. Value priorities and gender as determinants of school choice. 2010      Shehadeh, D. Gender attitudes, childcare & housework: Muslim vs. Christian Arabs in Israel. 2009      Shachar, S. Religious acts among secular Jews in Israel. 2009      Cohen, H. Spouses’ praise and criticism on work and parenting. 2008      Shoshani, C. Maternal gatekeeping, gender ideologies and marital satisfaction. 2008      Bouknik, S. The division of household labor outside the family context. 2008      Barzilai, O. Gendered perceptions of success and self-fulfillment. 2007      Bassi, L. Early socialization and involvement in childcare among kibbutz-reared fathers. 2006      Zadik, R. Role identity, organizational culture and father involvement in childcare. 2005      Admati, L. Maternal gatekeeping, mother’s attitudes, and paternal involvement in childcare. 2004      Sartel, R. Attribution of emotions to ingroup and outgroup among secular and religious Jews. 2004      Omer-Shmueli, O. The effect of father’s value priorities on his involvement in childcare. 2004      Elbaum, Y. Longitudinal study of the determinants of father involvement in childcare. 2004      Yardeni, S. Father’s and mother’s gender orientation as a determinant of father involvement.  2003      Sagiv, D. Comparing primary caregiving fathers to non-primary caregiving fathers. 2002      Klimek, A. The relationship between job satisfaction and life satisfaction.

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Research Interests

  • Ambivalent Sexism

  • Determinants of Parental Involvement in Childcare

  • Gender and Parenting in Diverse Family Forms

  • Social Psychology of Gender

Research Projects

  • The Role of Identities in Parental Involvement in Childcare: Comparing the UK and Israel — Awarded £3,000 by the College of Social Sciences Research Fund, University of Lincoln in 2013
  • Gender Inequalities in the Home: Social Structures, Identities, and the Division of Family Labour — Awarded €240,000 by the European Union (FP-7), Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship in 2010
  • The Role of Superordinate Categorization in Infrahumanization — Awarded 10,000 NIS by Bar-Ilan University in 2007
  • Moderating Mechanisms in Infrahumanization — €9,000 Vising Fellowship awarded by the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research in 2005
  • Value Priorities as a Determinant of Parental Involvement in Child Care — Awarded $25,000 by Israel Foundation Trustees (Ford Foundation) in 2004
  • Determinants of Parents’ Involvement in Child Care — Awarded $150,000 by Israel Council for Higher Education (YIGAL ALON FELLOWSHIP) in 2001
  • Outgroup Infrahumanization (UNIVERSITY OF LOUVAIN) — $60,000 Post-Doctoral Fellowship awarded by the Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research in 1999
  • Affective Forecasting (HARVARD UNIVERSITY) — $30,000 Post-Doctoral Fellowship awarded by the Rothschild Foundation in 1998
  • Correction and Integration Processes in Dispositional Attribution — $30,000 Doctoral Fellowship for Excellence awarded by Tel-Aviv University in 1994

Research in the Lincoln Repository

Professional Affiliations

  • University of Cambridge, Clare Hall College — Life Member - Since 2010
  • Universty of Cambridge, Department of Social Sciences — Associate Researcher 2012-2016
  • Higher Education Academy — Associate Fellow


* PhD External Examiner * Grant Reviewer * Ad-Hoc Reviewer: Basic and Applied Social Psychology; Community, Work & Family*; European Journal of Social Psychology*; Gender & Society; Group Processes and Intergroup Relations*; International Journal of Comparative Sociology; International Journal of Psychology; International Journal of Social Psychology; Israeli Journal of Conflict Resolution; Journal of Experimental Psychology: General; Journal of Experimental Social Psychology*; Journal of Family Issues*; Journal of Family Psychology; Journal of Marriage and Family*; Journal of Personality*; Journal of Personality and Social Psychology*; Journal of Social and Personal Relationships; Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology; Personality and Individual Differences; Psychology of Women Quarterly*; Qualitative Sociology Review; Sex Roles*; Social Policy and Society; Social Psychological and Personality Science; Sociological Focus; Sociological Perspectives; Sociological Quarterly. (* = multiple reviews)