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About Philip Rodgers

Dr Philip Rodgers is a Lecturer in the College of Social Science.   He was for 12 years Senior Economist at the Sea Fish Industry Authority in Edinburgh and specialises in the economics of the fishing industry.  His principal area of work has been in quantitative analysis and bio-economic modeling and his PhD thesis was on the use of economic analysis in fisheries.  He led the EU’s multidisciplinary team which contributed to the OECD study on fisheries, co-wrote a study for the European Parliament on alternatives to the EU Total Allowable Catch and Quota regime, led the project commissioned by Defra to estimate the economic costs of UK sea fishing policy and developed the EU-funded socio-economic optimisation model of the Irish Sea fisheries.  He led a study for the Irish government to examine methods of managing quota to promote economic efficiency in the Irish demersal fleet.  He presented a report to the European Parliament Committee for Fisheries on price formation and marketing fish products in Europe, and participated in the economic assessment of the Northern Hake Recovery Plan for the STECF. He co-wrote “North East England Fisheries Community Interest Company – Final Report, which considered the economic potential of the fisheries in the North East of England and ways of rejuvenating them.  Recently he completed a report for the Polyvalent Fishing and Processing Group in Galway using input-output analysis to study the socio-economic impact of switching landings of mackerel from abroad to Ireland. He undertook a review of Government proposals to change the quota management regime in England for UKAFPO, and was a member of the expert panel on fisheries which reviewed the impact of EU research Framework Programmes (2000-2010) and prospects for research and innovation in fisheries and aquaculture. Away from economics, he breeds racehorses and is a Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Subject Specialism

Economics, Economics of the fishing industry


  • PhD — University of Lincoln, 2010
  • MPhil — City of London Polytechnic, 1987
  • BA (Hons) — Trent Polytechnic, 1978


Member of the European Commission Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries’ Ad Hoc Working Groups on the Annual Economic Report on European Fisheries, and on European Aquaculture.

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Research Interests

  • Fisheries

Research Projects

  • Fisheries Cooperation with Iceland and Norway: Briefing Note — European Parliament in 2013
  • Development of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management (EAFM) in European Seas — European Commission in 2012
  • North East England Community Interest Company — Defra in 2010
  • Marketing and Price Formation of Fisheries and Aquaculture Products — European Parliament in 2008
  • Nephrops and Cetacean Species Selection Information and Technology, — European Commission in 2007
  • Misreported Landings of North Sea Cod: an estimate of the true level of landings 1983-2004 — European Commission in 2006
  • Benefits of Responsible Fishing: The impact of an innovative trial of voluntary restraint — European Commission in 2005
  • Economic Costs of UK Sea Fishing Policy and Structures — Defra in 2004
  • The Relationship between Fleet Capacity, Landings, and the Component Parts of Fishing Effort — European Commission in 2003
  • The Economic Impact of Algal Toxin Closures on Shellfish Dependent Communities on the Scottish Coast and Implications for the Sector’s Future Structure — Scottish Executive in 2002
  • A Study of the Socio-Economic Impact of the Shetland Box — Scottish Executive in 2001
  • Evaluation of the Impact of the Introduction of the Euro in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector One Year On — European Commission in 2001
  • The Socio-Economic Impact of Regional Management of the Irish Sea Nephrops and Whitefish Fisheries on Profitability and Employment in Coastal Communities — European Commission in 2000
  • Strategic Waste Management for the Fish Processing Industry in the North East of Scotland — Grampian Enterprise Ltd in 1999
  • Bio-economic evaluation of management options for North-Sea herring and small-mesh fisheries — European Commission in 1998
  • Alternative Options to the TACs and Quotas System for the Conservation and Management of Fisheries Resources — European Parliament in 1997
  • Bioeconomic Evaluation of Multispecies and Multiannual Fishery Management Measures, — European Commission in 1996
  • Economic Aspects of Fisheries Management: Seminar on the Coordination of the Contribution of the European Union and its Member States to the OECD Project - Report, — European Commission in 1995
  • Overall Profit Optimisation in the Irish Sea Fishery, — European Commission in 1994
  • A Bioeconomic Model of the North Sea Multispecies Multiple Gears Fishery, Volumes I-III,  — European Commission in 1993
  • The Economic Impact of Fisheries Management in the North Sea: Cod, Saithe, Whiting, and Plaice (Vol II), — European Commission in 1991
  • The Economic Impact of Fisheries Management in the North Sea: Cod, Haddock, Sole, and Plaice, — European Commission in 1989
  • STCF Working Group on improvements of the exploitation pattern of the North Sea fish stocks — European Commission in 1988
  • A Bioeconomic Evaluation of the Norway Pout Box — European Commission in 1987

Research in the Lincoln Repository

Professional Affiliations

  • Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce — Life Fellow
  • International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade — Member
  • European Association of Fisheries Economists — Past President