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About Niko Kargas

My main research focus is on understanding the role of sensory perception in the expression of autistic behaviours and abilities and how these influence functional life. I use my research for developing innovative accessible services and for creating engagement-assisted interventions. My goal is to promote an inclusive society by creating easy to implement and effective person-centred approaches to assist professionals across Education and Health and Social Services for enriching the life quality of people with hidden disabilities (such as autism) and their families. I am currently engaged on the design, development, deployment and evaluation of innovative: - Interactive educational technologies for children with Special Educational Needs and/or Autism Spectrum Conditions. - Person-centred employment support services for people on the autism spectrum and/or learning disabilities. - Accessible Tourism & Hospitality Services. - Animal-Assisted interventions for people on the autism spectrum. I would be interested to supervise students on any of the above topics.

Department Responsibilities

Admin: - Director of the Autism Research & Innovation Centre - Lead-organiser of the Summer Scientist Week - Board Member of the Social Science Enterprise Working Group Teaching: - Lectures on Developing Individual in Society (Level 1) - Module co-ordinator for Psychological Literacy & Work Experience (Level 2) - Research group tutor for Research Skills 2 (Level 2) - Lectures on Autism Spectrum Disorders (Level 3) - Lectures on Research Skills in Developmental Psychology (MSc) Supervision: - Personal tutor for BSc students (Level 1, 2, 3) - Research Internships (BSc & MSc) - BSc, MSc & PhD theses - Post-doc research projects

Subject Specialism

Autism, Accessible Services, Animal-Assisted Interventions, Educational Technologies, Employment


  • PhD in Psychology — University of Portsmouth, 2014
  • MSc in Psychological Research Methods — University of Dundee, 2011
  • BSc in Psychology — University of Abertay Dundee, 2010


  • Vice-Chancellor’s Public Engagement with Research Award | Autism Research Innovation Centre — University of Lincoln,
  • Public Engagement Merit Award | Summer Scientist — University of Lincoln,
  • Autism Professional Award for outstanding adult services | Autism Centre for Employment — National Autistic Society,


As an autism specialist consultant, I use my research to develop innovative autism-appropriate services and practices as well as to create autism-friendly environments. Specifically, I provide strategic planning and service development support to: - Regional statutory agencies such as the Department for Work and Pensions (i.e., JobCentre Plus) and the Lincolnshire County Council, in which I am member of the Autism Partnership Board - Community Groups such as the Linkage Community Trust and Generating Opportunity - Tourism and hospitality enterprises such as Psychagogia Sensory Integration Holidays Ltd - Education & Art Technology Companies such as Seeper Ltd

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Research Interests

  • Accessible Services

  • Animal-Assisted Interventions

  • Autism

  • Educational Technologies

  • Language Learning

Research Projects

  • Video-based CVs for people with additional support needs — European Regional Development Fund in 2018
  • Acquisition of Pitch Identification Abilities in Autism Spectrum Conditions — UROS in 2018
  • Development of enhanced Hidden Disability training for tourism and hospitality personnel — European Regional Development Fund in 2017
  • Individual Travel Profile for people with Hidden Disabilities — European Regional Development Fund in 2017
  • The immersionBOX: An immersive educational tool that transforms learning and community spaces into interactive multi-sensory environments for learners with special educational needs and/or autism. — Knowledge Transfer Partnership, Innovate UK in 2017
  • Can you teach an old ear new tricks? The effects of acoustic attributes of a native language on auditory processing skills and non-native speech perception in native English and Mandarin Chinese speak — British Academy in 2016
  • Autism Centre for Employment — Department of Health in 2015