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About Matthew Walker

I am a PhD Student in Life Sciences. I am working to link sinking speed to shape in planktonic Foraminifera. These microscopic organisms produce a calcium carbonate shell, with each species having a unique shape. These shapes differ wildly from each other. As these shells contribute to 25% of oceanic storage of Carbon Dioxide and are used as predictors of the previous climates, understanding the rate at which they sink is important. Current understanding of sinking speeds are based on only 4-5 species, I hope to increase this to around 60, as different shaped shells sink at different rates.

Subject Specialism

Evolutionary Biology and Fluid dynamics


  • BSc (Hons) — University of Hull, 2014


  • Most Dedicated Individual — Hull University Student Union,

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Research Interests

  • Biophysics

  • Evolutionary biology

  • Fluid dynamics

Research Groups Memberships

  • Physical Ecology Lab

Research Projects

  • PhD Studentship as part of: Form and Function in a Microbial World — The Leverhulme Trust in 2014

Professional Affiliations

  • Royal Society of Biology — AMRSB