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University of Lincoln
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About Mark Clements

Mark is the Director of Education/Chair in Science Education within the College of Science.  He is responsible for providing strategic leadership in the enhancement of student learning opportunities as well as supporting teaching innovation within the College. Mark is a biologist by background, and did his PhD on bacterial spore germination at the University of Sheffield.  This was followed by a successful period of post-doctoral research at the University of Sheffield, Karolinska Institute (Sweden) and University College London.  He was appointed as Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology at the University of Westminster and went on to become Principal Lecturer and Director of Learning & Teaching within the Faculty of Science & Technology. Mark is a HEA Senior Fellow and Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology.  He is interested in innovative in learning and teaching and has contributed to a number of large-scale projects on assessment and feedback, mobile learning and interdisciplinary art/science collaboration.  In 2015 he was awarded the Royal Society of Biology ‘Higher Education Bioscience Teacher of the year award’.