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About Katie Strudwick

Kate studied for her first degree in Social Sciences at Nottingham Trent University and completed her Masters in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Loughborough University in 1997. While studying for her MSc Kate worked as a part time lecturer and research associate at Nottingham Trent University.  After teaching Criminology and Social Sciences at Nottingham Trent University Kate moved to the University in October 1998. She is Programme Leader for Criminology and Co- Director of Teaching and Learning for the School of Social and Political Sciences. Kate teaches on a number of modules on the undergraduate across all three years, and the postgraduate degree programme and co-ordinates level one Applying Research and Level 2 Methodologies For Independent Study.

Department Responsibilities

Programme leader for Criminology, Co-Director of teaching and Learning for the School of Social and Political Sciences. .Senior tutor for School, Module co-ordinator Applying Research ( Level one), Module co-ordinator Methodologies for Independent Study (Level two),  Chair of the School’s Liaison Committee, which includes organising visits to schools and providing school ‘taster events’ at the university. PRoP Co- ordinator for the School, PASS co-ordinator for School

Subject Specialism

Policing, Teaching and learning, Student engagement and student experience, Pedagogy and employability.


  • Fellowship of Higher Eduction Academy FHEA — Higher Education Academy, 2015
  • Ba (Hons) Social Sciences Nottingham Trent University
  • MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice Loughborough University


  • Mary Stuart Award for Student Engagement -Nomination — University of Lincoln SU Awards,
  • Strudwick, K. Gordon, J & Jameson, J .“What do we do well?”- Evaluation of ‘Excellence’ — College of Social Science Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund,
  • Strudwick, K. Gordon, J & Jameson, J. Evaluating the dichotomies of student engagement- “Under — Student Engagement in Educational Development (SEED) Fund,
  • Strudwick, K & Jameson, J. Evaluation of the impact of Student Mentoring within a Social Science — Fund for Educational Development,
  • Jameson, J. Strudwick, K. Gordon, J & Bond Taylor, S Exploring the use of OER for embedding ‘ — Higher Education Academy,
  • Strudwick, K & Jameson, J. Enhancing Applying Research within Criminology — British Criminology Society award to further Open Educational Resources.,
  • Jameson, J & Strudwick, K Student reflections of Criminology in the Professions (CIP) – One ye — Fund for Educational Development,
  • Strudwick, K. & Jameson, J.  Employability skills in Social Sciences: Parent and Students e — Higher Education Academy Subject Network for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics (CSAP),
  • Jameson, J. Strudwick, K. Bond Taylor, S. & Jones, M. Criminology in the professions: Turning Ac — Higher Education Academy Subject Network for Sociology, Anthropology and Politics (CSAP),


Academic Consultant for Lincolnshire Police Member of British Society of Criminology Learning and Teaching Network Member of the Editorial Board for Enhancing Learning in the Social Science (ELiSS)

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