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About Kevin Butler

I am a Research Fellow in the School of Psychology within the College of Social Science. Prior to moving to Lincoln, I completed an undergraduate masters degree in pharmacology (University of Bath), a postgraduate certificate in research methods and a PhD in experimental psychology (University of Brighton in collaboration with University of Sussex). I have also worked in psychopharmacology clinical trials at the University of Surrey and as a research administrator and technician at the University of Exeter. I started at Lincoln in 2015 initially working on a project investigating biological and cognitive effects of early life stress and gene x environment independent and interactive effects on executive function. However, since 2016 I have been working as a more independent postdoctoral researcher within the School and have collaborated with a number of staff on a number of different projects. These projects have largely used my expertise in decision making, risk taking and impulsivity. I am broadly interested in the application of psychological theory (relating to decision making, risk taking and impulsivity) in order to understand better mechanisms and problems within health psychology, mental health and forensic psychology domains (e.g. addiction, behaviour change).

Department Responsibilities

I have contributed to the design, delivery and assessment of undergraduate teaching (Mental Health and Disorders 1 (Level 2), Research Skills (Level 2) and Psychopharmacology: Drugs, Brain & Behaviour (Level 3)). I also contribute to postgraduate teaching (Research Methods in Perception and Cognition and Psychopharmacology).  I also supervise undergraduate and postgraduate projects and junior researchers.

Subject Specialism

Experimental psychology using cognitive and biological methodologies and approaches.


  • PhD (Experimental Psychology) — University of Brighton in collaboration with University of Sussex, 2013
  • PGCert (Research Methods) — University of Brighton in collaboration with University of Sussex, 2007
  • MPharmacol (Hons) — University of Bath, 2005