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    Dr Jennifer Jackson

    Research Fellow

    Lincoln International Business School Executive Office
    Lincoln International Business School

    About Jennifer Jackson

    Jennifer has been involved with the project management of national and local research within a wide range of areas. She joined the Community Operational Research Unit at the University of Lincoln in 2000. Prior to this she had worked as a researcher both at the Motor Industry Research Unit at the University of East Anglia and at the University of Huddersfield on a national research project to develop the placement and assessment procedures of work placements within degree structures. Projects at Lincoln University has included research within the community and voluntary sector, health and criminal justice system, local government, housing, sports partnerships and horticultural industry. Many of these projects have been long term as a five year evaluation of a Healthy Living centre within Lincolnshire Probation and 3 years researching the effects of physical activity programmes on health outcomes and organisational development. Jennifer’s particular research interests are in health inequalities, health promotion and services and community/rural issues. This has involved engaged research and partnerships with service providers often engaging hard to reach groups and beneficiaries, such as drug users and offenders, in evaluating and the value/impact of programmes and understanding societal concerns.

    Department Responsibilities

    Lecturer in research methods for Masters programmes.
    PhD Supervisor

    Subject Specialism

    Research methods and philosophy


    • Diploma in Research
    • Diploma In Export Management/Institute of Export Part 1
    • B.A. (Hons) Humanities (Economics, Politics)
    • PhD - University of Lincoln in health inequalities and health services for marginalised groups

    Professional Affiliations

    • Electronic Journal Of Business Research Methods — Reviewer
    • Member of Operational Research Society

    External Activities and Consultancy

    Projects undertaken whilst at the University have Included:
    Evaluation of Familyfocus’ Grub Club Project reviewing innovative approaches to changing diet and food patterns within family dynamics (2015-16)
    Support of Interdisciplinary Student Competition to create a design guide for Extra Care Housing with Health and Social Care, Business and Architecture and Design students (2015-16).  
    Local Food in Lincolnshire: improving access to healthy, affordable food for all - RIF Project with Health Advancement Research Team (HART), University of Lincoln (2015-16)
    Researching the experience of international students in developing networks and connections within higher education and how the linkages evolve once international students return home (2015)
    Recording the memories of older estate and village residents for the Hainton History Project (2014)
    Research into developing housing prototypes, environments and communities in relation to the housing needs/well being of older adults and Lincolnshire’s ageing population - for the University RIF project in collaboration with the School of Architecture (2013 - ongoing). 
    Research and evaluation of Green Synergy and the holistic value of Community Garden Projects within Lincoln’s Abbey ward in relation to community, enviornmental, social and individual well being. In partnership with Green Synergy and community groups in Abbey Ward (2012-14).  
    Evaluation and research into impact of Exercise Referral and Fit Kids Staying Healthy schemes to determine factors that engage participants in long-term changes in physical activity and healthier lifestyle patterns. For NHS Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire Sports Partnership (2011-2012)
    2-year evaluation and research into six Lincolnshire Choosing Health funded physical activity programmes to understand how communities and individuals can be more involved in physical activity programmes, the barriers and enablers to change. For NHS Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire Sports Partnership (2009-2011).
    Evaluation and research into the intergenerational effects and benefits of participation of older adults and school children in a joint ‘Wii’ project. For Lincolnshire County Council (2008-2009).
    5-year evaluation of the health needs of offenders and provision of a Healthy Living Centre within Lincolnshire Probation researching the role of services, access, health messages, promotion and intervention in health changes and barriers. For Lincolnshire Probation (2003-2008).
    Evaluation of the role of the Oasis Family Resilience worker and the impact and effectiveness of the Oasis Project researching the service provision and needs of families affected by alcohol and drug misuse For the Lincolnshire Oasis Project. (2007-2008 and 2009-2010).
    Review of ‘Growing the Future’, a European Union Leader plus project in the Lincolnshire Fenland area to develop engagement of younger students. For the Lincolnshire and Rutland Education Business Partnership (2007-2008).
    Impact evaluation of ERDF funding for community development in Lincoln’s Abbey and Park wards to analyse the factors in initiating sustainable change and regeneration within communities. For the Lincolnshire Community Development Project (2005-2006).
    Impact analysis of new street lighting in the Abbey Ward of Lincoln to determine effects on perceptions of crime, security, environment and activity patterns within different age groups and sectors of the community. For Lincoln City Council (2004).
    Analysis of service requirements and needs of drug users in North and North East Lincolnshire for service development. For North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire Drug Action Teams (2002).
    Evaluation of impact of engagement of excluded students using a specifically designed rural educational bus service. For Lincolnshire County Council (2001).
    National evaluation and survey of the processes of consultation and participation for people with disabilities. For the Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (2001).

    Research in the Lincoln Repository

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