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About Jacqui Briggs

After starting as an undergraduate at Aberdeen University in 1982, where her passion for political study led her to obtain a first class certificate of merit for her first year work in Politics, Jacqui graduated from Leeds University in 1985 with a degree in Political Studies. After attaining her PGCE from Huddersfield in 1988, Jacqui went on to complete a PhD in Politics at the University of York, under the supervision of Professor Alex Callinicos. Her thesis examined the 1984/5 Miners' Strike to see whether the strike was a significant politicising event. In 1998, her thesis was translated into a book, Strikes in Politicisation, published by Ashgate. With 27 years of continuous lecturing experience, Jacqui is committed to teaching within the H.E. sector. Her current teaching commitments include Anti-Politics, Thinking Politics and Gender, Globalisation and Sexuality. Her research interests centre on youth political participation, young women and politics, and the issue of compulsory voting. She is currently writing and researching about young people and political participation. Jacqui has made numerous TV and radio appearances acting as a political pundit by commenting upon general, European and recent local elections. She was also asked to comment on feminist theory and female exploitation - well, topless car washing services in Skegness to be precise (BBC Look North) and whether chivalry is dead (BBC Look North)! Edited career highlights: • Principal Lecturer in Politics • Vice-Chair of the Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom, 2011-2014. • Chair of PSA UK’s Sub-Committee on Education and Skills • Programme Leader for the MA Globalising Justice • Associate Editor of the Journal European Political Science • Experienced PhD supervisor, examiner and independent viva chair • Chaired the Review Committee for the review of the Subject Benchmarking Statements for Politics. • Experienced Subject Specialist Reviewer for the Quality Assurance Agency • Served on numerous validation panels – internally and externally • Regular contributor to BBC Lincolnshire and to Siren FM • Experienced book and journal article peer-reviewer • Experienced external examiner at five institutions in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Eire. • Experienced examiner for ESRC research applications. Recent Publications: Briggs, J.E. (2013) Doing Politics, Routledge, forthcoming. Briggs, J. E. (2013) Young People and Political Participation, Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming. Briggs, J. E. (2011) ‘Teaching Politics to Small Groups’, chapter in Lightfoot, S. and Gormley-Heenan, C. Teaching Politics, Basingstoke Palgrave, forthcoming. Briggs, J. E. (2011) ‘Women, Proportional Representation and Politics: Lessons from New Zealand’, Renewal, Vol.19, No. 3/4. Briggs, J.E., Bull, M., Moses, J. and de Sousa (eds.) (2010) ‘Forty Years of European Political Science’, Special Issue, European Political Science, Palgrave Macmillan. Briggs, J. E. and Celis, K. (2010) ‘For or Against: Compulsory Voting in Britain and Belgium’, Social and Public Policy Review, Vol. 4. No. 1: 1-33. Briggs, J. E. (2008) ‘Young Women and Politics: an Oxymoron?’, Journal of Youth Studies, December, Vol. 11, No. 6, pp. 579-592. Additional publications: Briggs, J. E. (2010) Generation i-Pod: from apathy to engagement, e.Pol, Volume 3, Number 2, April, Manchester, Political Education Forum: 3-5. Briggs, J. E. (2009) ‘Calling all Teachers …’, PSA News, Vol. 20, No. 2, June: 1, 11. Briggs, J. E. (2008) ‘Innovations in the Teaching and Learning of Politics Showcase, PSA News, Vol. 19, No. 4, December: 23. Briggs, J. E. and Arthurs, J. (Eds) (2008) Study Politics, Newcastle, Political Studies Association, Newcastle: Political Studies Association (distributed to every sixth-form and college in the UK). Briggs, J. E. (2006) ‘Politics at the University of Lincoln’, PSA News, March. Briggs, J. E. (2006)‘Reasons to be Cheerful … ‘Survey of the Profession 2006’’, PSA News, December. Briggs, J. E. (2005) ‘What would regional government have meant for women?’, Representation, volume 41, number 4, 2005, pp. 259-268. Briggs, J. E. (2000) ‘What’s in it for women? The motivations, expectations and experiences of female local councillors in Montreal, Canada and Hull, England’, Local Government Studies, volume 26, number 4, winter 2000, pp.71-84. Briggs, J. E. and Bochel, C. (2000) ‘Do women make a difference?’, Politics, volume 20, number 2, May: 63-68. Recent developments: Judged the Political Studies Association of Ireland Teaching and Learning Politics Award, held in Dublin, 14th September 2010. Wrote the Foreword to Dr Gabriela Pleschová’s edited book entitled IT in Action Stimulating Quality Learning at Undergraduate Students, Opladen, Germany, Budrich UniPress. Published September 2010. Founding member of Lincoln’s Speakers’ Corner Trust Committee, 2010. Guest lecture at the National University of Ireland, Cork, 10th June 2009 for the Political Studies Association of Ireland (PSAI) teaching and learning specialist group. Lecture entitled, ‘Developments in the Teaching and Learning of Politics: Twittering on about new technology and the teaching and learning of politics’. Editorial panel member for the Welsh Academic Press’s Political Studies. International editorial board member for the Irish Journal of Public Policy. Guest lecture at the second PSA Teaching and Learning Politics Conference, 8th September, 2009, Leeds University. Keynote guest lecture on political participation at the Lincolnshire County Council Service Development Conference on Participation, 22nd September 2009, Bentley Hotel, Lincoln. Co-organiser of a PSA Forum on Diversity Awareness, with specific focus upon ethnicity, held at the University of London, 11th November 2009. Keynote speaker at the C-SAP Annual Conference in Birmingham, 26th November, 2009. Lecture entitled ‘Teaching and Learning Politics: 21st Century Developments’. Participated in the PrePol Project (September 2008) featuring on their website and DVD encouraging young people to study political science. Blogger on the University of Lincoln’s website, e.g. re-equal pay, election blog. Instigated ‘Election Fever’ event on General Election Night at the University, 2010. Invited by Professor Roger King to join the PSA Higher Education Policy Group. Invited to be a guest lecturer at Millersville, University of Pennsylvania, 2012. Jacqui lives in Lincoln with her partner, John, 17 year old daughter, Imogen and Harry (the dog). Jacqui’s hobbies include amateur dramatics and creative writing. In December 2007, the Lindum Scribes voted Jacqui their ‘Writers’ Writer of the Year’ for her comedy scripts.

Department Responsibilities

Key teaching areas: Political Participation, Gender and Politics, Political Theory. Until 31st August 2012: Programme Leader for MA Globalising Justice. Research Excellence Framework Co-ordinator for Politics and International Studies.

Subject Specialism



  • Qualifications: PhD, York University, 1996, ‘The Policising Effects of the 1984/85 Miners’ Strike’;
  • PGCE, Huddersfield University, 1988;
  • BA (Hons) Politics, Leeds University, 1985;
  • First Class Certificate of Merit for First year work in Politics, University of Aberdeen, 1983.


  • Nominated for the ‘Love My Academic Award’, Students’ Union Awards 2012.


Associate Editor for the journal European Political Science, - with special responsibility for articles on the Teaching of Politics, July 2009. Examiner for Economic and Social Research Council. Contributor to PREPOL Project (September 2008) featuring on their website and DVD encouraging young people to study political science. External Panel Member at Nottingham Trent University for the Review of their School of Social Sciences, February 2010. Judge for the Political Studies Association of Ireland, teaching and Learning Politics Award, Dublin, 14th September 2010, 17th October 2011.

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Professional Affiliations

  • Vice-Chair of the Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom (2011-2014).