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University of Lincoln
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About Ishwar Singh

Ishwar Singh is a Senior Lecturer in Biological Chemistry at the School of Pharmacy, University of Lincoln. Prior to Lincoln, he had held many prestigious fellowships such as the Alexander von Humboldt fellowship, Germany; and Senior Research Fellowship, DANIDA, Denmark and CSIR, India. He is an organic chemist. He has developed bioconjugations for DNA, RNA and polymer modifications in water. He is currently leading research in Biologics delivery, Peptides, Sequence selective DNA cross linking, Nanoparticles modifications for drug delivery and diagnostic applications and broad spectrum antibiotics, novel antimicrobials based on rational design against clinically important resistant bacteria such as MRSA, Mycobacteria, K. pneumoniae , A.  Baumannii , P. aeruginosa. Some examples are Teixobactins (èce-de-résistance/2500349.article) and chemistry tools for spatial surface modifications for diagnostic and preventive applications.

Department Responsibilities

Member of the international committee, Chemistry tutor Personal Tutor

Subject Specialism

Antimicrobials, Chemical Biology, Organic Chemitsry,  Bioconjugations, Biologics Delivery, Nucleic Acids and Peptides,


  • PhD — 2004
  • MPhil — 1999
  • MSc — 1997


  • Immuno-NanoDecoder — Horizon 2020, EU
  • The Royal Society Research Grant Award — Royal Society
  • Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship — AvH Foundation Germany
  • Senior Research Fellowship — CSIR India

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Research Interests

  • Antimcicrobials

  • Peptides

  • DNA diagnostics

  • Bioconjugations

  • Drug Delivery

  • Biologics

  • Organic synthesis

Research Projects

  • For PhD and Postdoctoral possibilities in our research areas — Please contact us directly if you are motivated and interested. in
  • Biologic Delivery — Fully funded PhD position available. Please see in
  • Broad Spectrum Antimicrobials — RIF in
  • Bioconjugations — in
  • Defining a chemical lexicon for tumour-specific delivery of biologics — Royal Society in
  • Development of Sequence selective DNA-crosslinking Agents — in

Research in the Lincoln Repository

Professional Affiliations

  • Royal Society of Chemistry — Member