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    Prof Hugh Byrd

    Professor of Architecture

    Lincoln School of Architecture and the Built Environment
    College of Arts

    About Hugh Byrd

    Hugh Byrd is a Professor of Architecture in Faculty of Art Architecture and Design
    I obtained a PhD in 1981 and became a registered architect in the UK in 1983. Since then I have balanced a career in both architectural practice and academia in Malaysia, New Zealand and the UK. After teaching and researching at several universities in the UK, I became Professor at the Universiti Sains Malaysia, I then moved on the University of Auckland before taking up the Chair at Lincoln.
    My research interests are in the future form of buildings and cities around the world as we enter an era characterised by resource depletion and climate change. These interests have led to funded research, publications and projects in four main areas:
    1) The environmental performance of buildings
    The design and analysis of low energy, low carbon and regenerative buildings. Measuring and benchmarking energy and environmental performance. Post-occupancy evaluation and productivity analysis. Upgrading of existing buildings. Building performance rating tools. The implications of air-conditioning on energy, comfort and productivity.
    2) The environmental performance of cities
    Evidence based analysis of the impact of the form of cities and their infrastructure on energy use, carbon production and regenerative energy capacity.  Transport energy and the shape of cities. Compact vs. dispersed cities. New technologies (smart grids, distributed generation, electric vehicles) and their impact on urban form.
    3) International energy policy
    Energy policy, renewable energy potential, distributed generation potential, social implication of power failure. Energy security and equity of supply. Long-term consequences of deregulated electricity markets. The impact of climate change on renewable energy sources.
    4) Humanitarian response to settlements hit by natural disasters.
    Resilient buildings and cities. Disaster response and mitigation. A member of the Pacific Humanitarian Team (United Nations initiative). A consultant working on the rebuilding of housing in Christchurch, New Zealand.

    I am either currently or have recently supervised PhD students researching the following issues:
    The capacity of cities for urban food production
    Limits to density in mega cities
    The spread of air-conditioning and its consequences
    Distributed generation of energy in rural areas of countries with emerging economies
    De-urbanisation as a response to deindustrialisation
    The claimed relationship between architecture and productivity in buildings
    The environmental performance of building envelopes
    Built form and biophilia

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