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    Dr Fernando Montealegre-Z


    School of Life Sciences
    College of Science

    About Fernando Montealegre-Z

    I am an entomologist with a solid research background in biomechanics, acoustics, sensory and comparative biology. I study ultrasound-sensitive ears and ultrasound generators in insects, and their evolution. I use a combination of innovative methods such as laser interferometry, micro-CT x-ray tomography, 3D computer-generated images, and computer modelling.

    Department Responsibilities

    Administration: Module Leader of Forensic Entomolgy (MSc, Erasmus Mundus in Forensic Science). Module leader of Invertebrate Zoology (BSc Zoology). I am currently in charge of the School display screens, website and social media to enhance the school’s visibility externally and internally.

    Teaching: I lecture in the modules of Forensic Entomology, Animal Anatomy and Physiology,  Evolution and Ecology and Forensic Antropology. 

    Mentoring: I also supervise undergraduate research projects, as well as postgraduate (MSc, PhD) research students, and deliver tutorials for undergraduate students.

    Subject Specialism

    I am a Senior Lecturer with the School of Life Sciences. My fields of interest are Sensory biology, biomechanics of sound production and hearing in insects


    • PhD — University of Toronto, 2005
    • BM-Sc — Universidad del Valle, 1997


    • The Leverhulme Trust — £250,000.00, 2014
    • The Royal Society Research Grant Award — £15,000.00, 2013
    • National Geographic-Research and Exploration Grant — £9,000.00, 2013
    • Darwin Initiative; Scoping grant. — £3,000.00, 2009
    • HFSP Research Fellowship — £140,000.00, 2008
    • National Geographic-Research and Exploration Grant — 2006

    Professional Affiliations

    External Activities and Consultancy

    (i) Peer Reviewer for Scientific Journals
    Biophysical Journal; PlosONe, Journal of Experimental Biology; Naturwissenschaften; Journal of Evolutionary Biology; Journal of Comparative Physiology; BMC Evolutionary Biology; Bioacoustics; Biological Journal of the Linnean Society; Journal of Insect Physiology; Systematic Entomology; Behavioural Ecology; Journal of Insect Science; Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society; Journal of Orthoptera Research; ZooKeys, Journal of Tropical Ecology; Turkish Journal of Zoology; Zoological Studies; Entomologica Fennica; Entomological News. Caldasia; Revista Colombiana de Entomología; Cespedecia.
    (ii) Editorial commitments
    Subject Editor open access peer-reviewed journal ZooKeys
    (iii) Peer Reviewer for National and International Government Agencies
    The Royal Society

    Research Interests

    Research Group Memberships

    Research Projects

    • Evolution of acoustic communication in insects — Awarded £250,000 by The Leverhulme Trust in 2014
    • Hearing the Highest Pitched Calling Songs on Earth: Mechanisms of Extreme Ultrasonic Signal Detection in Rainforest Bushcrickets — Awarded £15,000 by The Royal Society in 2013
    • Mechanisms of Extreme Ultrasonic Signal Detection in Rainforest Katydids — Awarded £9,000 by National Geographic in 2013

    Research in the Lincoln Repository

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