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    Dr Fernando Montealegre-Z


    School of Life Sciences
    College of Science

    About Fernando Montealegre-Z

    I am an entomologist with a solid research background in biomechanics, acoustics, sensory and comparative biology. I study ultrasound-sensitive ears and ultrasound generators in insects, and their evolution. I use a combination of innovative methods such as laser interferometry, micro-CT x-ray tomography, 3D computer-generated images, and computer modelling.

    Department Responsibilities

    Administration: Module Leader of Forensic Entomolgy (MSc, Erasmus Mundus in Forensic Science). Module leader of Invertebrate Zoology (BSc Zoology). I am currently in charge of the School flat-screen lobby displays at the University of Lincoln. I created templates for the display of the research output of different research groups and labs,  to include QR codes, relevant article information. Format information to conform to template. Work in team with administration staff to periodically contact colleagues to submit latest paper information.

    FRS9032/57M: Forensic Entomology
    BGY1004M: Animal Anatomy and Physiology 

    BGY3003M: Undergraduate research projects.

    BGY1001M, BGY2004M: Research methods (Tutorials)

    I also supervise postgraduate (MSc, PhD) research students

    Subject Specialism

    I am a Reader with the School of Life Sciences. My fields of interest are Sensory biology, biomechanics of sound production and hearing in insects


    • PGCE — University of Lincoln, 2016
    • PhD — University of Toronto, 2005
    • BM-Sc — Universidad del Valle, 1997


    • The Leverhulme Trust — £250,000.00, 2014
    • The Royal Society Research Grant Award — £15,000.00, 2013
    • National Geographic-Research and Exploration Grant — £9,000.00, 2013
    • Darwin Initiative; Scoping grant. — £3,000.00, 2009
    • HFSP Research Fellowship — £140,000.00, 2008
    • National Geographic-Research and Exploration Grant — £16,157.00, 2006

    Professional Affiliations

    External Activities and Consultancy

    (i) Peer Reviewer for Scientific Journals
    Biophysical Journal; Journal of The Royal Society INTERFACE; PlosONe; Journal of Experimental Biology; Naturwissenschaften; Behavioural Ecology and Socio Biology; Journal of Evolutionary Biology; Journal of Comparative Physiology; BMC Evolutionary Biology; Bioacoustics; Biological Journal of the Linnean Society; Journal of Insect Physiology; Systematic Entomology; Behavioural Ecology; Journal of Insect Science; Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society; Journal of Orthoptera Research; ZooKeys, Journal of Tropical Ecology; Turkish Journal of Zoology; Zoological Studies; Entomologica Fennica; Entomological News. Caldasia; Revista Colombiana de Entomología; Cespedecia.

    (ii) Editorial commitments
    Subject Editor open access peer-reviewed journal ZooKeys

    (iii) Peer Reviewer for National and International Agencies
    The Royal Society
    National Geographic
    The Leverhulme Trust

    Research Interests

    Research Group Memberships

    Research Projects

    • Evolution of acoustic communication in insects — Awarded £250,000 by The Leverhulme Trust in 2014
    • Hearing the Highest Pitched Calling Songs on Earth: Mechanisms of Extreme Ultrasonic Signal Detection in Rainforest Bushcrickets — Awarded £15,000 by The Royal Society in 2013
    • Mechanisms of Extreme Ultrasonic Signal Detection in Rainforest Katydids — Awarded £9,000 by National Geographic in 2013

    Research in the Lincoln Repository

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