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About Diane Ryland

Diane Ryland has taught European Union (EU) Law at the University of Lincoln since 1995. Prior to this she was employed as a researcher in EU Law at the University of Hull. From 1995-2002 she undertook research in EU environmental regulation as a member of a team of international academics convening at Nicholas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland conducting research into the approximation of Poland’s laws to EU standards. Research collaboration resulted, also, in her participation in the preparation of a published Report (2008) on Economic Migration in the European Union: The Treatment of Polish and Other A8 Economic Migrants in the Member States of the European Union - author Professor Jo Carby-Hall. Her current research addresses Animal Welfare Governance in Agriculture, with a focus on: EU Farm Animal Welfare Standards, the Common Agricultural Policy and the Multifunctional Role of Agriculture; the Animal Welfare Standards of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE); Private Individual and Collective Animal Welfare Standards in Agriculture;  Implications of Standardisation as a Communicative Tool and Soft-Law Hybrid Governance Mechanisms; Marketing Added-Value Agricultural Produce (an Animal Welfare Label) and Informing the Agri-produce Credence Consumer. She is researching for a PhD (PT) in Hybrid Animal Welfare Governance in Agriculture in the Law School at the University of Leeds - supervisor Professor Michael Cardwell, Professor of Agricultural Law. Diane participated in Working Group 16 meetings held at the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), Paris, in which International Standardization Organization (ISO) Technical Specification 34700 on animal welfare management related to the food supply chain was the subject of negotiation prior to its adoption by ISO Technical Committee 34 Food Products on 1 December 2016 (the OIE having Observer Status).  [General requirements and guidance for organizations in the food supply chain, 01-12-2016 [ISO/TS 34700:2016(E)] ]

Department Responsibilities

LL.M. Masters International Law and International Business Law: Coordinator - The EU as a Global Actor: EU External Relations Law Teaching - EU Internal Market Law LL.B. (Hons.)  Undergraduate: Coordinator - Level 3 Law Dissertation Coordinator - Level 2 EU Law Teaching -Level 2 Environmental Law Teaching - Level 2 Land Law   Ethics Pool Member Member of Lincoln Centre for Environmental Law and Justice

Subject Specialism

Transnational Animal Welfare Governance in Agriculture: Public & Private Standards of Animal Welfare; Animal Welfare Regulatory Regime Interaction; Animal Welfare Label


  • LL.M. International Business Law (Hull) (1993) Distinction
  • Prize: FW Taylor Fund
  • LL.B. (Hons) (Hull) (1992) 2.1
  • Prizes: Andrew Marvell Jackson Fund – General Performance
  • Andrew Marvell Jackson Fund – European Community Law


  • EU Animal Welfare Professional of the Year 2018 — CorporateLiveWire

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Research Interests

  • Private Individual and Collective Farm Animal Welfare Standard Schemes

  • Public (EU and OIE) Farm Animal Welfare Standards

  • Transnational Animal Welfare Regime Interaction

  • An Animal Welfare Label

  • The Procedural Role of the EU Advocate General and EU Accession to the ECHR

Research Projects

  • Cats and the Law (Co-authored) — International Cat Care (formerly Feline Advisory Bureau) in 2011
  • Poland’s Accession to the European Union — in 1995

Research in the Lincoln Repository

Module Responsibilities

  • Coordinator - EU Law — 1995 to Present
  • Coordinator - The EU as a Global Actor — 2016 to Present
  • Coordinator - Law Dissertation — 2014 to Present
  • Shared Seminars - EU Internal Market Law — 2014 to Present
  • Lecturer - Environmental Law — 2014 to Present
  • Seminar Tutor - Land Law — 2013 to Present

Professional Affiliations

  • Higher Education Authority — Associate Fellow
  • Agricultural Law Association — Member


Former Member, ISO/TC 034/WG 16, ‘Animal Welfare’ International Organization for Standardization. Member of the British Standards Institute Honorary Consular Officer, since 1997, at the Consulate of the Republic of Poland and its Branch for ‘Scientific and Educational Cooperation’, Hull. Committee Member, Jo Carby-Hall Poland and Cyprus Scholarships and Fellowships, University of Hull. Member of the Executive Committee, Centre for Legislative Studies, University of Hull Member of the European Environmental Law Forum. Co-collaborative dialogue with International Cat Care, Chair of the Cat Group of Charities Member of EU Expert Panel on Animal Welfare, Luxembourg.