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About Danielle Osborn

Danielle Osborn graduated from Leeds University in 1999 with a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. She joined the Royal Navy as an Air Engineering Officer and served with 848 Naval Air Squadron and Fleet Headquarters, spending time at sea on HMS Fearless, HMS Chatham and HMS Illustrious. Dani left the Royal Navy in 2005 to do a Masters in Emergency Planning and Disaster Management. She worked for a Local Authority in London as an Emergency Planning Officer specialising in Humanitarian Assistance, Mass Fatalities and Incident Command and Control. She joined Addenbrookes Trust as the Resilience Manager in April 2010. Responsible for co-ordinating and developing the Major Incident Plans to ensure the Trust was prepared and able to deal with a wide range of incidents. In addition, Danielle was responsible for implementing a Business Continuity Program to ensure that the Trust could continue business as normal following a Critical Internal incident or Major Incident. Danielle is currently doing a PHD in the School of Life Sciences looking specifically at the bioethical and forensic complexities of identifying unknown survivors in critical care following disasters and incidents. The project aims to determine whether Disaster Victim Identification is the most appropriate tool or if there is another process that would be more suitable for use with patients who cannot consent.

Department Responsibilities

MSc Lecture : Legal Matters – Ethics, consent and the rights of the living and the dead.

Subject Specialism

Disaster Victim Identification; Mass Fatalities and Casualties; Excess Deaths and Pandemics; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Bioethics;  Legal implications of Bioethics and Forensics; Incident Command and Control and Training and Exercising in the above


  • Lead Auditor — BS25999, 2011
  • MSc Emergency Management and Planning - Distinction — University of Hertfordshire, 2007
  • BEng Mechanical Engineering — University of Leeds, 1999


  • Captain Farmer Memorial Prize — Royal Navy,


Research Associate with Dr Lucy Easthope: Lac Magantic Oil Train Derailment; Mass Fatalities Book Chapter Emergency Planning and Disaster Response Consultant Kenyon International Emergency Services team Member

Research Interests

  • bioethics

  • Command and Control

  • Disaster Victim Identification

  • Disaster Victim Identification Mass Fatalities and Casualties Excess Deaths and Pandemics Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Bioethi

  • Excess Deaths

  • Forensics

  • Legal Implications of Bioethics and Forensics

  • Mass Casualties

  • Mass Fatalities

  • Organisational Training and Exercising

  • Pandemics

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Research Groups Memberships

Research Projects

  • Lac Magantic DVI response — in 2013

Professional Affiliations