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About Chris Bishop

•Chris has lectured at degree and masters level for over 25 years in both English and Spanish. He has also supervised six students to their PhD's. He has extensive experience in working with postharvest aspects of fresh produce both in the UK and abroad.. Author of 2 books, various chapters (subjects such as cool chain and packaging) and over 30 scientific papers and joint author of a University of California Davis booklet on air transport of perishable products, which was awarded the Blue Riband by the American Association of Agricultural Engineers

Subject Specialism

Specialist in the development of training and demonstration programmes relative to storage management and related postharvest technology. (mainly potatoes, carrots, citrus, high value veg, avocados, mangoes, bananas and berry fruit) • Experience in transport of perishables by road, sea or air, relating to temperature issues, stowage, damage avoidance and related training matters • Professional experience in the design, construction and management of larger cold stores often used by cooperatives/larger growers • Organisation, in loss assessment methods for the whole cool chain from harvest to the consumer, including the adoption of automation within the packhouse. • Knowledgeable in the handling and packing methods appropriate for local and export standard markets. Organisation of study tours for the familiarisation of local experts with agricultural practices in European countries. • Carrying out benchmarking trials for supermarkets on fresh fruit, vegetables and cut flowers


  • CEng — Institution of Agricultural Engineering, 2000
  • PhD Postharvest Technology — Cranfield University, 1992
  • BA (Hons) Egineering Science — Oxford University,


During the last three years 130+ days of consultancy with commercial companies in the UK on storage, transport, packaging and handling of perishable fresh produce and cut flowers as well as work with international agencies. Visits in the last 14 years for commercial companies have also been made to countries such as Egypt (9 visits), Ireland (5 visits), Russia (19 visits) Kenya (17 visits), Spain (10 visits), Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Macedonia, Lebanon, Columbia (2 visits), Mexico (4 visits), USA (3 visits) and the Netherlands (6 visits) Assignments have been undertaken for various international agencies FAO, UNIDO, USAID, EU, DFID, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.