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    Mr Brian Voce

    Senior Lecturer

    Lincoln School of Design
    College of Arts

    About Brian Voce

    Brian Voce is a Senior Lecturer in College of Arts

    Brian Voce is a practicing artist and educator. He has worked in a range of media (both two and three dimensionally). Viewed retrospectively his work has consistently explored the themes of transience, time and the human interaction with the environment. As a teacher he has extensive pedagogical experience, having been involved in the delivery of a wide range of Art and Design Programmes. He has worked in the fields of Community Arts, Adult Education, Offender Learning, Special Needs, Advanced, National Diploma, Foundation and Undergraduate study.

    His current practice uses traditional media (print, paint) in combination with digital techniques to explore and reflect upon issues of genetic modification. Through the use of repetition overlay and recombination of simple forms he creates complex and unpredictable outcomes, chance alignments and compositions, to create new ‘chimeras’ with hitherto unforeseen outcomes.

    Department Responsibilities

    Brian is the Year Leader for 1st Year BA Hon’s Graphic Design. He is responsible for the development and delivery of the first year curriculum. As such he is responsible for leading both of the studio based graphic design modules (Visual Expression, and Design Communication). He delivers practical studio sessions and is also responsible for tutorial supervision, record keeping and administration of the first year program. He also teaches on the Image and Communication module with Creative Advertising.

    Subject Specialism

    Visual Communication/ Pedagogic Activities

    Research Interests

    Research Group Memberships

    • The Community Engagement and Liaison Group
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