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Anna Marie Roos is a Reader in the history of science and medicine at the University of Lincoln.  She came to Lincoln in 2013 from the University of Oxford, where she was the Lister Research Fellow.  Roos is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London. She studies the early Royal Society, as well as natural history, chemistry, and medicine in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and publishes not only as a professional historian but also as an advisor to taxonomists. Her scientific and historical work has been featured in Nature News, Wellcome History, the Guardian and the New York Times. Roos’ fourth book, “Martin Lister and his remarkable daughters: art and science in the seventeenth century,” is forthcoming with Bodleian Library Press (Autumn 2018). Her popular writing has appeared (inter alia) in the Appendix, Art and Antiques, Endeavour, and Natural History Magazine, and the Royal Society Blog: The Repository.  She has given public lectures at Tate Modern, the Royal Society, and the Museum for the History of Science, Oxford, and curated exhibits at the Royal Society and the Bodleian Library. Roos has also been interviewed by National Geographic, the BBC’s Radio 4 Today , Making History, and In Our Time programmes, and hosted a television documentary about Newtonian alchemy for National Geographic.   She is in love with all things history of science. In Trinity Term 2017, she was a visiting fellow at All Souls College, Oxford for her next book project, an intellectual biography of Royal Society President and antiquary Martin Folkes (Oxford University Press, under contract).  She was then a Huntington Fellow in 2017. In 2018, she became editor of Notes and Records: The Royal Society Journal of the History of Science

Department Responsibilities

I am on research leave until September 2018.

Subject Specialism

History of Science and Medicine, Early Modern History


  • Ph.D. History — University of Colorado, 1997
  • M.H. Humanities — University of Colorado, 1991
  • B.A. Molecular Biology — University of Colorado, 1987


  • Beinecke Fellow — Yale University (declined),
  • Kenneth E. and Dorothy V. Hill Fellow — Huntington Library,
  • Visiting Fellow, Trinity Term — All Souls College Oxford,
  • John Thackray Medal — The Society for the History of Natural History,
  • Visiting Research Fellow — John Rylands Research Institute, Manchester,
  • Short list — AHRC/BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinkers Initiative,
  • Worth Fellow — Worth Library, Dublin,


Research Associate, Museum for the History of Science, Oxford, 2009-2013 Associate Faculty, History, University of Oxford, 2012-2014.

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Research Interests

  • History of Science and Medicine

Research Projects

  • Collective Wisdom: Collecting in the Early Modern Academy — awarded £45069 by AHRC in 2018
  • Martin Folkes and Antiquarian Science — All Souls Visitiing Fellowship, Oxford in 2017
  • Martin Folkes and Antiquarian Science — awarded £4500 by Huntington Foundation in 2017
  • The Henry Baker Correspondence — awarded £3000 by John Rylands Fellowship, University of Manchester in 2016
  • Emanuel Mendes da Costa (1717-1791): multicultural and multinational networks in Georgian London — awarded £66648 by AHRC-Collaborative Doctoral Award in 2016
  • Archival Afterlives: Life, Death, and Knowledge-Making in Early Modern British Scientific and Medical Archives: Conference Grant — awarded £3000 by The Royal Society in 2014
  • The Lister Sisters: Women, Art, and the History of Scientific Revolution — awarded £5000 by The Royal Society in 2013
  • History Comes to Life: Natural History and Medicine in the 17th century Conference Grant — awarded £2205 by John Fell Fund, Oxford in 2012
  • History Comes to Life: Natural History and Medicine in the 17th century Conference Grant — awarded £2395 by Wellcome Trust in 2012
  • The Lister Sisters — awarded £800 by Society of Authors in 2012
  • Every Man’s Companion: Or, A useful Pocket-Book: a textual edition of the travel journal of Dr. Martin Lister (1639-1712) — awarded £3610 by The British Academy in 2011
  • Correspondence Edition and Catalogue: Dr Martin Lister: Cultures of Knowledge, University of Oxford — awarded £100000 by Mellon Foundation in 2009
  • A Biographical Study of Dr Martin Lister (1639-1712) (Grant 0924327) — awarded £28827 by National Science Foundation in 2009
  • A biographical study of Martin Lister — awarded £2595 by British Academy in 2009
  • Spider Man: Dr. Martin Lister (1638-1712), A biographical study of an early Royal Society luminary — awarded £4786 by The Royal Society in 2008
  • The Salt of the Earth: natural philosophy, medicine and chymistry in England, 1650-1750. — awarded £7500 by University of Minnesota in 2003
  • The Salt of the Earth: natural philosophy, medicine and chymistry in England, 1650-1750. — awarded £7500 by McKnight Foundation in 2001
  • Science in the Papers: Early modern natural philosophy and journalism — awarded £5000 by University of Minnesota in 2000

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