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Andrea Paoli joined the School of Engineering at the University of Lincoln as a Senior Lecturer in September 2014. From 2008 to 2014, he held a position of Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna, Italy, where he was granted tenure in 2011. His research interests encompass the following areas: Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) and Fault Tolerant Control (FTC) of complex systems; safety and security of distributed systems; and modelling and simulation of complex traffic networks. His published work includes theoretical results on FDI and FTC of complex dynamical systems and related applications to technological problems mainly in industrial automation. He held visiting positions at the University of Michigan (2002, 2005 and 2009) and a part-time lectureship at the School of Electronics and Information Engineering of Tongji University in Shanghai (2010-2012).

Department Responsibilities

Student Engagement Champion Erasmus Coordinator

Subject Specialism

Robotics and Automation; Fault tolerant control systems; Fault diagnosis; Cyber-physical systems; Discrete-event systems; Non-linear control; Functional safety systems.


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Automatica and Operational Research — University of Bologna, 2004
  • Laurea in Ingegneria Informatica (MSc equivalent) — University of Bologna, 2000


  • Automatica Best Applications Prize (triennium 2002 – 2005) — IFAC - International Federation of Automatic Control,


Since 2005, he has undertaken manifold industrial collaborations by consulting several companies on control system design and reliability/safety analysis projects. His most recent achievements, in this respect, have included a permanent advisory role in the activities of LIAM (the Industrial Laboratory for Automatic Machineries, Bologna) and a co-founding and advisory role at Engynya Ltd. Since 2011, within LIAM not only has he been a member of the technical and scientific committee, but, more importantly, he has also been leading the technological benchmarking of commercial solutions for distributed control. Last in chronological time, in September 2013 he co-founded Engynya Ltd, an engineering consulting firm providing technological solutions in the control, monitoring and maintenance of industrial systems and vessels. Within Engynya, he has a role as R&D adviser for predictive diagnostics and maintenance of automated industrial systems.

Research Interests

  • Cyber-physical systems

  • Discrete-event systems

  • Fault diagnosis

  • Fault tolerant control system

  • Functional safety systems

  • Robotics and Automation

  • Traffic networks analysis and control

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