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University of Lincoln
National Centre for Food Manufacturing
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United Kingdom

About Agnieszka Dudkiewicz

I am a Lecturer at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing of the University of Lincoln. Through my up to date career I have been researching subjects related to food safety and analytical method development and validation. I was awarded an MSc in Food Technology and Human Nutrition by the University of Agriculture in Krakow (Poland) and a PhD from University of York, Environment Department. My PhD research was related to development of electron microscopy methodologies for characterisation of nanoparticles in food and was a part of EU funded project NanoLyse ( In 2013 I have joined the University of Lincoln to research current issues of microbiological quality and safety of meat in UK. Main part of this research was funded by the Food Standards Agency (UK).

Department Responsibilities

I am a coordinator of the Food Science and Microbiology module. My other responsibilities include reviewing literature for the research projects, planning and taking care of experimental work, writing scientific reports and publications. I also supervise students during their internships here and provide scientific support for the small food manufacturers.

Subject Specialism

food quality and safety, meat processing, nanoparticles in foods, analytical method development and validation


  • PhD — University of York (UK), 2015
  • MSc — University of Agriculture in Krakow (Poland), 2007


  • Farmers Club Charitable Trust Educator Award — Farmers Club, London,
  • Best Poster Presentation for the !st year PhD student at Food and Environment Research Agency — Food and Environment Research Agency, York,

Research Interests

  • analytical method development and validation

  • food quality and safety

  • nanotechnology in food appliactaions

Research Projects

  • A whole supply chain hurdle approach to control Campylobacter — Innovate UK and BBSRC in 2016
  • Exploration of the potential for technology to support agency objectives in meat operations — FSA in 2016
  • Microbial evaluation of poultry and pork mechanically separated meat (MSM), compared to fresh cuts of meat, meat preparations and minced meat products — FSA in 2014
  • Qualitative Risk Assessment to support a policy decision on partially eviscerated (effilé) poultry production — FSA in 2013
  • NanoLyse — EU FP7 in 2010

Research in the Lincoln Repository

Professional Affiliations

  • University of Lincoln, National Centre for Food Manufacturing — Lecturer